99 w/Pro-Tapers and steering damper??? Got to stop the buzz!!!

I have been trying to lessen my arm pump by lightening my grip. Now, I've found that my handlebars are vibrating my hands numb.

I rode today after removing my Cycra triple clamp handguards and the vibration was greatly reduced. I'm considering buying some Pro-Tapers and Acerbis flag mudguards but, can I still use my Scotts oil filler neck mount steering damper, after installing the "universal" Pro-Taper mounts?


I think Scotts may have arms for the dampers with more offset or drop in them. The increased distance from the top of the bar clamp to the top of the tower would be the only problem, and that might not be a problem at all. You could just raise the pin in the tower and tack weld it in place. The pin doesn't move in the tower after install, but they have to make it adjustable for height. One other thing, I noticed you have the t-clamp mounts for the handgaurds, have you tried the bar mounts? Maybe some harmonics happening that would go away if the gaurds were mounted different.

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The quickest and most efficient way to reduce/remove the vibration is a set of anti-vibration inserts. There are to companies making them at the moment "Oberg and Fasst Company" I personally prefer the Fasst Company product as it eliminates virtually all of the troublesome vibration. And they Gaurentee results or your money back. I am planning to purchase another set for my YZ here in the next couple of weeks.


What have you got to loose?

Bonzai :)

Scotts calls it a stepped arm.


I've got a stepped arm on my Scotts, with the Universal mounts your talking about a 19mm rise in the bar height at the bottom of the bars. At the top of the mount the rise will be 40 + mm. For some reason I don't think you can get that much extension from the stud and the step down mount, surely not from the standard arm.

I hate so say this but I'm relitively sure that you are going to either have to get a new clamp, or look into the possibility of purchasing one of the NEW fender mount kits for the Scotts. That's what I'm going to do for my YZ that is using the Universal mounts.

I spoke with "Brent" at Scotts this afternoon. He tells me that the Fender Mount for the WR/YZ is being tested as we spoke. It should be available the first part of August. Gonna be an easy mount...Kind of like the WER mount whereas it will bolt up to the lower clamp via the 4 fender screws. Plus some kind of trick arm.

Bonzai :)

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Scotts also sells a longer tower pin which I had to use with bar risers (stock top clamps turned upside down w/ longer bolts) in order to keep the torque more evenly distributed in the mount arm.

I forget what the manual says how far the tower pin (14mm?) needs to drop into mount, but when I talkd to Scotts about it they stressed to me to have the proper drop.

I'm guessing a longer tower pin and a longer arm will be required since you are raising the bars and moving them forward with Universal mounts (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). The drop down arm may serve both of those purposes.Scotts should be able to hook you up with the parts you need. I may just give this a try too so let us know what works!

Try some progrips, they really do reduce vibration over Renthals, Oakley, etc

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