125 vs 250 2-Stroke

Hi, I am looking to pre-order a new 2009 2-stroke but, cannot decide on a 125 or a 250. I have just recently got back into MX and I currently own a 2006 KX250F. It is modded a bit now - Pro Circuit race cams, Pro Circuit T-4 exhaust, TwinAir filter, and a few cosmetics. This is by far the fastest bike I have owned. I have had it for a year now and my skill is getting better. I am used to the power now and kinda would like some more but, on the other hand it would be nice to have a lighter bike so I could throw it around easier and in turn probably get better more quickly. This is my problem. I know the 125 would be a little less power than my 250F and weigh less. And, the 250 would be considerably more and weigh the same or a bit more. Ive never really tried a new model of either out in the open. Which do you think would be the funnest bike for me? Any opinions help would be appreciated, thanks.

I've got a te450... and a yz250... selling the yz250 and thinking bout buying a yz125 :thumbsup:

i mostly do trails and occaisonally mx

What makes you want to sell your 250 for the 125?

since you are used to having some bottem end power with your 250f I am fairly sure that you would be more suited for the 250 2-stroke.

Your modded 250f is probably making ~36 or 37HP if its tuned right? A stock 250 2stroke is ~45hp

The 125 will probably make 33 or so stock, so the power is close to ur 250f, but the low-end grunt is worlds apart.

250 smoker, same weight, but because of their design they feel 10lbs less(believe me ive personally done the switch) and they have loads of power with a good low end.

Go with the 250 2smoke all the way. :thumbsup:

GO with a 250. I think you'll get bored with a 125. But if you do get a 125 they're supposed to make you a much faster rider.

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