drz 400e radiator guards, which ones to get?

Hi all, recently recieved a 400e as a suprise from the wife! what a woman! anyway having a ball riding it, few stacks along the way. decided i need some radiator guards as i've already slightly re-shaped radiator. there are so many on the market, can anyone recommend some good ones, that bolt on independent to radiator?

cheers, priesty

I just installed the Unabiker Guards on my 400S, their awesome! Had a set of Devol Guards on an older WR that worked fine too, but the Unabiker Guards give more side protection. Search the parts store, thats were i found mine.

in oz look at B&B or force.

i have force & think theyre great they are front & side protectors with rear braces.

a mate has B&B and thinks theyre great. they are ballistic streangth front and sides but no rear braces.



Make sure you consider aftermarket/oversized fuel tank and/or kickstart when selecting radiator guards. Not all fit together nicely.

Different tanks and guards combination can work but its not a sure thing! same goes for adding a kick start - some tanks work better than other at allowing for the proper fitment of things.

My vote would be for Unabikers but even then there are two models (E or S) that can work with different tanks on the DRZ. As an example, the Acerbis 4.25 tank and E model Unabikers require a lot of triming to fit right but the S model Unabikers fit just fine with the tank and no triming needed. The Clarke 3.6 tank and E model Unabikers fit with no issue. Both combinations work just fine with the kickstart kit but other tanks have reported issues with kickstart fitment.

good point romad.

the force guards fit well with my aqualine safari tank as well as the standard.

(and its an aussie E model not an S or SM if its relevant)

i got the flatlands rad guards. they have a bracing arm that goes back to the frame. definetly saved my left rad when i hit fence strainer wire. snapped the wire,ripped my rad shroud offthe bike but radiator was unscathed

thanks for the replies fellas

the force guards look schmick. deciding between them and the flatlanders


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