Take a Look, I need a carb part...

Hey all you Mikuni BSR36/DRZ 400 "S" guys I need a carb bowl.

When I started taking my carb apart to do the mods to it I couldn't

get the drain screw in the bowl open and it was rounding off bad.

I hooked the vice grips to it to remove it and it was EXTREMELY tight

all the way out, I ordered a new drain screw but upon a closer look

the threads are messed up in the bowl.

If someone has a parts carb that they could spare a bowl off of at a

reasonable price let me know, dang and I let a complete carb pass

last week for $20 in the classifieds.

just a thought. Could you clean up the threads with a tap (or) drill and retap

for a new screw from the hardware store

I am kicking around doing a rethread but the standard screw has the

cone machined onto the end to plug the hole, maybe I'll use a small

ball bearing or a piece of gasket material held in by a set screw to plug

the hole.

you can search on ebay for a new bowl or just retap the threads like suzuki sm nut 123 said. depends how bad they are

I didn't see anything on ebay and repairing the existing threads are

probably out of the question as they are really odd at 6mm x .75.

I'll probably end up with 1/4" x 28 threads.

i have a bowl. $10 shipped.

pm me.

PM replied to.

Thanks Eddie for the bowl.


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