Street register a wr 450 & 250 in cali??

How much hassle will it be to street regieter these bikes in cali? Are they both red sticker bikes?

Hassle - Yes. Red sticker - Yes Technically red stickers bikes cannot recieve plates. Before everyone jumps on me, I do know that several have slipped through the cracks. If the 8th digit of the vin is a "3" or "C" = red sticker = no plates.

Tom Maguire

I heard that the WR was a green sticker, I'm thinking of getting a WR for me and TT125LE for my wife. Getting them both plated so we could ride from our house to the trail head. The prominant Yamaha Dealership im my area did not say that there would a problem when I discussed this with I wrong? If so, no WR for me. :)

The WR 450 on display at the Long Beach CA motorcycle show in Dec was a red sticker bike because of the check digit in the VIN.

Your dealer is after your non refundable deposit.

as already said, check the 8th digit, that will tell you if satan (the DMV...) wants you to wear his sticker...

now, if the dealer will pull the greenie out and stick it on the bike for you, in front of you AND turn in the DMV paperwork properly for your streetbike then you will be able to get/keep plates for 1 yr (satan catches you at plate renewal time...), for 2 yrs (satan catches you at greenie renewal time...), or maybe somehow, you slip thru the cracks (not something I'd wager $6800 on today...) AND keep your soul :)

otherwise, I'd seek the "other" solution of which I will not disclose publicly...

either way, by all means, please post your progress, there are those of us who'd love to do the same

'03 with plates, oh yeah...

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