Where to get pit passes for Houston SX?

Where can I get pit passes for the Houston sx? I've been to many sx's but have never got pit passes. I've tried the place where I got the tickets and they said they can't do it, try tickmaster.com. Went to ticketmaster.com and couldn't find anything about pit passes.

Please help. Thanks.

You need to buy the tickets from a local (big) motorcycle dealer. I'm on the waiting list at Houston Yamaha for tickets. They will come with pit passes.

I see you're from Louisiana. What part? There's a few of us in the greater New Orleans area that are heading to the Houston SX.

Wait... I looked at your website and see that you're from Denham Springs. So you're on some of the tracks I ride. Holeshot, Fernwood, New Kentwood, New Iberia, etc...

You might consider putting the local motocross message board as a link on your website, and check it out yourself.


Hey people what day are you leaving on. We are hitting the road friday before the races. Planning on going to do a little go kart racing at Malibu racing, Its a blast. Talk about arm pump. Saturday Races all day. Sunday Astroworld if open, just for some thrill rides, then home.

Hey people what day are you leaving on. We are hitting the road friday before the races.

I'm leaving on Friday so I'll have time to eat some good Mexican food at Pappas on Friday night. And then onto a full day for Saturday at Reliant Stadium.

Say, aren't you the guy who tried out my bike at Holeshot yesterday so that you could see what my E-Series slip-on felt like? The number on my shirt below should be a dead give-away if you are the same guy.

You know of any shops in the Baton Rouge area that are selling them?

I am also a member on that message board under the same name as this one.

could not have been me. We went to the landing. great track.

But I do ride at all the same tracks.

Tickets came in the mail last week from ticketmaster. Went with section 309. See you there.

4Wheelparts has them for free in their stores. They have three stores in houston.

In sec 108, row r. Hope it is not to low.

section 338. You got that phone # BHOOD?

crf311-I was on the very bottome at houston 2 years ago and it sucked. All we could see was right in front of us. Couldn't see the other side at all-except when they jumped.

What happened to SX in the SuperDome? I went last year and watched Reed & Langston battle in the 125's. Did y'all get traded to San Francisco?

Anyway, here's a couple of suggestions for your visit to SpaceCity:

Don't miss the annual SX Party @ Honda of Houston on Friday night. Free food & refreshments along with poster signings by many of the top racers. Give-aways & specials by factory reps from Dunlop, Alpinestars, FMF, Thor, etc.

Instead of Malibu, you might try Kartzone (kartzone.net). It's a modern, high-tech indoor facility, close to the Galleria, that offers fast, wheel to wheel action. Bring your helmets!

Speaking of helmets - why don't you bring your CRF's? There are a half dozen great MX tracks within an hour of Reliant Stadium. Three Palms, Splendora, Highlands, etc.

This will be the first time in 27 years that the SX won't be in the AstroDome. I've heard that the new track will be tight, with most all of the available seats good ones. And, if the weather cooperates, they will open the roof!

PM me, if you would like more information. I'll find out about Pit Passes at work tomorrow.

If you go to www.sxgp.com and click on your city (Houston), the page that comes up lists hotels, airports etc... in your area along with local businesses where you can get the pit passes for free. I just checked it and they didn't have the info yet, but they will usually post the info a few weeks before the race. If your not having any luck elsewhere keep checking back to that page and it should hook you up.

You can get then the day of the race. That is where I usually get mine.

What happened to SX in the SuperDome? I went last year and watched Reed & Langston battle in the 125's. Did y'all get traded to San Francisco?

Yeah, we had something like 38,000 attendess in the Superdome for the '02 SuperCross, but I guess that wasn't enough. So now California gets another one, making it FIVE for them.

Sigh.... Maybe we can get Bob Hanna to rip the Californians again? :)


ARE YOU GOING TO THE SAN DIEGO? ( sorry about caps my operating system is right out of barney rubble times)

Hey all, I'm still looking for Houston Pit Passes. I live in CO and would like to have a lead on them before I get there and would rather not pay $10 at the door. the sxgp web site still says nothing. I also called a few of the local Yamaha dealer's and they were only going to give them out to people who bought their tickets through Ticketmaster. Usually you can get them at some type of local store chain. As stated as an idea earlier in this post, I attempted to call the 4WheelParts dealer in Houston and they had no clue about them. Any ideas would be great. Thanks!

I only paid $5 for them at the door last time. Did they go up?

Any updates to this?????

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