Bog/Flat Spot is No Issue after all...

I posted a while back about a bog that happened when the bike was on a stand and I hit the gas hard. I was advised by many of you to try it on the trail before I went stupid over it.

It worked just fine on the trail and did not notice it one time after covering about 35 miles of tight woods, creek crossings, mud bogs that ate me alive, and long straightaways. These appear to be all the forces that nature could throw at me for a test.

One thing I did notice was that at high rpms, the bike had a tendency to sputter some, so I bled the spooge out of the float bowl between loops and voila, problem solved.

Thanks for all the feedback I got on this. I am guessing if all seems well, the BK/GB mod is not necessary, correct?

I was at the track a month or so ago and a fellow 450 owner came up to me and asked how I liked the bike. He continued to ask me if the bog problem was bothering me. I said, "My bike does not bog". He then went on to say that there was a known problem with the 450s and went to his bike to show me. He fired it up on the stand and from a dead idle opened the throttle wide open. The bike revved and bounced off the rev limiter. It did not die. He continued to do this about 15 times. Each time it did not die. After a while he was able to get it to die once and then said, "see?". It cracked me up cuz who in their right mind does that to their bike? The guy looked like an idiot. Everyone in the place was laughing at this guy abusing his bike on the stand in the parking lot. I thought this guy must really rip if he is concerned about being able to dump the throttle like that while riding. Talk about riding with the throttle either on or off..

He then got on his bike and went over to the vet track (no offense to vet riders) and cruized around. He did not even rip or have any reason to be complaining about his bike dying when opening the flood gates.

arrrghh... :)

If you arent experiencing the problems with starting, fouling plugs, or the bog off of idle I would enjoy the ride. If you start to experience the problems come back and get the info to fix it. Not everyone even on the 2000's experiences these problems. But for the ones that do the mods are priceless. :)

Yup, everybody got a little carried away with this one. The bk mod is a nice little fine tune thing to play with just like adjusting the fuel screw. The biggest thing is learning your particular bikes temperment and working with it. My 2001 taught me it likes the choke off as soon as possible once started, the idle a little high, the hot start whenever stalled, a periodic carb cleaning and to be very easy on the air filter oil. It will still eat a plug once in a great while but it never does so out on the track or trail, only at a cold startup. I never even twist the throttle while its running on the stand, the thing heats up plenty fast on it's own as the glowing pipe will attest to!

I appreciate the tips from everyone. I guess I got caught up in the newness of being on this forum and was running with it all.

The bike runs fine. I am glad to know that if it does not that there is a mod or twenty that can be done. Just gotta steer clear of my trying to fix a problem that does not exist...usually pays back in headaches when I mess something up worse while fixing the first thing.

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