2smoke question about forks/shocks

So 96-98 RM 125-250 forks/shock will bolt up with little hassle.

Would it be a considerably better idea to go with the 250 setup? I mean, is it more heavy duty or do did they use the same thing on both bikes?

What kind of riding?

I find the DRZ(E) forks to be fantastic. I've put RM forks on the DR-350 and while they are much better than stock DR-350SE forks, they suck compared to the DRZ forks..... IMHO.

the riding is:

-Grass fields, jumps and such on the fields

-some trails, pretty smooth mostly

-some hill climbs

-maybe some sand riding once and awhile but not often

-some rough terrain(rocky), once and awhile

I want to be able to take it to a MX track and not bottom the heck out also. Not to really race, but just goof around when my friend brings his RM125 out.

As of right now I weigh about 210 lbs with hemlet and boots on me. Doing jumps I pretty much get tried and afraid of them after the small ones.

I think the rm suspenion would do me good.

:) look what I found when searching google about an rm250



the rm forks bolt right on!but they still need to be sprung at least and probably revlaved.the shock does not bolt on!i used a rm shock shaft to gain adjustable rebound.the shock body it self does not work because of the angle.the bonus of using a RM shock shaft is that its 5mm longer.this allows you to run more sag (100mm).it reall make the steering quicker but since you can run more sag its straight line stability is still awsome!

there is a drz shock on ebay right now.thats the way to go for a bolt on switch.lots of DRZ's get parted out to make dirt trackers.i would call some salvage yards and see if you can find some E model forks and shock.while your on the phone ask about some 96-98 rm forks.i prefer the 98's as they were as good as those twin chambers got! :)

actually I'm told with little modifaction the RM shock fits quite well

Go read this: Here

He did it and it works well. Also he didn't revalve or respring.

I'm considering his method

SUSPENSION.maybe the best mod so far,1996 suzuki RM125 front forks bolt straight on,drz wheel,spacers,brakes...they all go straight back on.Also the rear shock from the same bike will fit,the reservoir is on the opposite side and hits the frame,But with a little help from a file(file away the res a little)and some rubber between the frame and the shock(just in case) it works a treat!

well,i wouldnt be grinding on a shock body.trust me,ive been thru this i know whats up.swapping the shock body is really simple.as far as not respringing or revalving he must be under 160 lbs.the rm 125 fork springs are way to soft.im sure the shock spring isnt even close.its a waste of time if you dont resping at least.it will probably be worse.

the shock moves as it gos thru the stroke!it will bind on the frame.

When you say the "fork bolts right on", what do you mean? The forks won't fit in the DRZ triple clamps(only the one year of the conventional RM fork "should").The inverted forks will need the RM triple clamps and the steering stem. Then you have to worry about the rotor lining up and the brake caliper fitting. Then you may have to have a different brake line. Then.......... It isn't as easy as just "bolting them on".

yea but I was talking about years 96-98.

I'm still not sure what I'll be doing yet.

Maybe I'll get the whole thing revalved, heavyier springs and emulators upfront... not sure (how much does this cost?)

The guy also said it was just the reservoir he filed down a bit with a file. So it can't be that much needed to be taken off? I realize the shock moves position while on the bike; are you saying it wont fit at all? or it would be tight?

I wish I had the shock infront of me so I could just check the spacing out myself.

what does resprining the forks involve. I know doing that to the shock is simple. but to the forks would I just slide the springs out and replace orr...?

I've got all winter to think this over

What year/model is your DRZ?

2000 drz400(s) street model.

Hey check with Matt Nelson. He's got Race-Tech springs with their emulators and he's pretty happy with them. I ordered the components and did the install myself (slightly different since I have the 02 model, so I installed Gold Valves vs. emulators) and it was pretty easy as long as you keep everything clean and pay attention to detail.


the 96 thru 98 forks bolt right on!no mods.96-98 rmx forks work also.they all had 49mm conventional forks.

i dont that he got it to fit by filing on the reservior.it also says he has some rubber there just in case?if it fits so good,why the rubber?im telling you its not right.im just trying to keep you from having a disaster.if you get the shaft its no big deal to have it installed at the time of the revalve.its that far apart any way.

im a pretty crafty guy gyro,but this is beyond being crafty.if that part of the shock breaks off on a landing it will be ugly!

i have the rm shock body still.i will take some pics tommorow and show you.

so is installation of the gold valves able to be done in ones garage? on both the shock and forks?

yea i can see why it wouldn't fit, pics are appreciated... umm gota go family movie time or something


Hey Tim,

I havent' done the shock... looks to be a PITA, so I'll probably send that to Race-Tech and have them do the re-valve. I did do the forks, both Gold Valves and new springs, and it was pretty easy, just lots of attention to detail is all that is required. The Gold Valves come in a set along with a video that does a pretty good job of showing you step-by-step how to do the install. (In the video the guy is using upside-down forks, but you get a pretty good idea of the process.) They also list a bunch of tools you will need. The things that for sure you need are an impact driver, a torque wrench that measures in foot pounds and also a torque wrench that measures in inch pounds. A seal driver is good to have, but not essential.

Go to the Race-Tech site and see what they recommend for your setup. I do have an extra set of their .46 springs (what they recommended for me @ 185lbs). They are for sale if you want them. They actually belong to a buddy who bought them for his 00 S model which uses different, springs.

The guy who put a rm setup on his bike gave me these pics. He's been using it for 3 months with no problems. Hes also not quite sure if its a rm125 or250 setup. "The shock has a purple spring"

anyways take a look, I'm going to get the stuff and see how everything fits. I can always use the shock shaft if all else fails. I'll be searching for a 98RM250 setup.




If all else fails I'll have alittle work ahead of me for this winter. I could use a hobby anyways :)

burned, he's talking about RM forks, not RMX forks.

bill i know!96 thru 98 RM's used 49mm forks! :)

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