Kayaba Forks damper rod tool really req'd?

Hey folks, I have never worked on kayaba forks before. Is the damper rod tool really needed to change out oil and new seals?


I assume you're talking about the tool used to keep the damper unit from spinning when you remove the bolt on the bottom of the forks. If you have access to air tools, a 1/2" impact gun should be able to spin the bolt out w/o turning the rod. Just make sure you take the bolt out b4 you remove the spring, as this helps keep the rod from spinning especially when you compress the fork.

I also use an air impact wrench, but I've heard others have had success by cutting some slots in a section of pvc to use as a holder tool. You will definitely need either some kind of holder tool or some kind of impact wrench.

I made a tool like the one on motoman393's site and it worked great, cost about $2.00, Mike

Thanks for the replys...I'll keep my money!

The impact works great the first time but I found that after a few times apart you will need the tool to get it to start tightening, and the pvc is all you need to hold it. Mike

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