Kennedy Meadow's update

Whew... Rode This past weekend, Friday we rode the Rattlesnake trail from Cannell Meadows trailhead near Kernville, The thing that upsets me is the map I bought from the ranger station 6 mo. ago shows interconnecting trails at the top of the trail. Only to disconver when we get there the trail is there but it is marked "No Motorcycles". The trailhead indicates its a motorcycle trail & the trail number did not change. Enough whinning, rode Sat. on the Rincon Trail, damn tough trail, definetly advanced (A+) alot of 2 footing, pushing & swearing. Trail looked liked it had not been ridden in a long time. Has anyone ever ridden the trail from north down to south. From the south side to the cattle bridge it was excellent, from there on the whells came off my wagon... bailed at the Schaffer Mtn. cutoff after 6 hrs...

Were you camping up there? if so what camp site did you stay at?

I rode the Rincon trail with a A rider last year, He had a hard time and it damn near KILLED me!!!

How about that long steep up hill before the dead end?

Greg, Yes the Rincon trail is a tuffy!! I rode it a couple of years ago from Kennedy Meadows down to Kernville. I was on a Dualsport ride up there, man, I saw alot of guys on the side of the trail drinking water and breathing hard. And the heat doesn't help either... :D The trail markings are sketchy in that area too..

DL :)

I stayed at my trailer located on Hwy 178 near the Chimney Peak turn off . We rode up the Trail starting from just North of Kernville up to a quasi bailout Schaffer Mtn cutoff. From there it was still 10 more Miles. I have rode the Malcolm Smith Invitational (Soboba) 2X & my riding partners have a combined 8 rides. & this was much more difficult. I don't know its any better starting from Trail End up North & riding south along the Rincon trail. Sheeet there is 1 Rocky !~@#$% uphill that at least 1/2 mile long, I Picked up drug & pushed that fat thing I call a dirtbike, any heavier & I'll put a Ford blue oval emblem on the front number plate. I'll have just as much luck pushing a truck up that hill at 8000 ft. of elevation.

I was there last week, Wednesday through Friday. I camped at the Troy Meadows campground. First time there and had a great time. I let the 5 year old on the dirt roads with his PW 50. He got so much confidence on the way down from Mahogony trail entrance he did a wide open throttle pass on me. Told his mom he smoked me. I did some exploring on Jackass, Mahogony, Beach creek and some others. With all of the single track there I never meet up with anyone on the trails. Lots of rock, cliffs, whoops. Can't wait to go back.

Ps. Rangers stopped twice in my camp. When I was packing up they requested a sound check on the 426. I have the E-series with 6 discs, arrester, and the quiet core. First test it popped a few times at 4200 rpm and registered 109db. He tried again and it was 100.8 barely passed. I think he was doing whatever he could to make it pass.

On the street legal issue he had no knowledge of the matal tank or DOT lights and tires. He said if you got a plate, lights and turn signals it was OK with him. One of the cool ones.


The rangers at KM are usually pretty good guys. They ride, so they understand most things and will generally give you the benefit of the doubt. They still have to do their jobs, though, so we want to be a little understanding of that. Glad you had a great time.


Next time I'm definetly going to Troy Meadows & fish creek for a starting point. I'll be putting on my dual sport kit next week.

Guys, When my family use to go up there in the 70's we could ride everywhere with a green sticker. My brother and I use to ride our XR75's from the 395 to fish creek. Now days it's really important to have a steet legal bike up there cause the rangers are on it!! Yes those guys do ride and I know a couple of them but they have huge attitudes and regardless how nice you are they really lay into you if your bike isnt completely legal (for the streets). It's a great place for families. It's too bad it's so dusty and whooped out. Still, I think that KM would be a great place for a West coast TT ride.


DL :)

I did notice when I was up there, there were a lot of whoops. However! I went there mid week and came across a trail maint. crew. They had a very small tractor like a bob cat and they were taking the whoops out and making killer single track. I was able to be the first one to ride about 3 miles of freshly groomed single track!

The ranger did ask me about my paperwork (new bike) but didnt hassle me to much.

anyway, if they keep on the trails like I saw them that place will always be fun.

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