How much sag should my bike have?

I have a 2003 yz450f and I was wondering if anyone knew the amount of sag the bike should have. I weigh about 210lbs and ride desert most of the time, I also ride the local track on occasion. Thanks for any help.

Very important

I would check with a suspention guy in your area.

If you do not know one i know of three here.

they go to the motocross tracks on the weekend here.

Need to find out if you have the correct springs on your bike for your weight and ability.

100mm is the base setting i'd say

Check when nitrogen is cold not hot they tell me.

If that is 210 without gear then I would say you might need a stiffer rate spring. Now a days gear can add 20lbs. on a mx track you can shoot for around 100mm and even just a little under that. If your riding the sand alot you can run it closer to 105mm. if you try and get 100mm out of that spring and have less than 10-15mm of free sag then you will need a stiffer spring.

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