Headlight question...

First I was wondering if anyone has an EXC headlight off an RFS they would like to part with for a reasonable price. (maybe running a number plate and don't need it)

I have an 03 250EXC (2S) that I would like to try the 35w halogen headlight of the RFS on. The stock headlight on the two strokes are pretty bad, and I believe with the better lens and the halogen bulb of the RFS it could be improved with very little effort.... Jeb or others, what do ya think?? Is the stock single beam RFS better than the two stroke stock single beam??



ditch, thanks for the link... very interesting, but unfortunately, the 250 (2S) only has a ~40W ignition. :)


Check ou Acerbis as well. I ran their HP light for years on my KX250 and was real happy.

The nice thing about the 03 450 EXC is you can switch to the high beam by changing the wires on the back of the bulb if you are not getting enough light from the stock setting. You may have been able to do this on other year models, not sure since this is the first EXC I have owned.


"You may have been able to do this on other year models"

Yes, all of the RFS's.

I switched the wires on my 00 KTM250exc and got a much brighter light.

I always run another terminal over to the bright plug of the headlight from the low beam side. I wire them together so they're both on all the time if the headlight is on.

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