Lap timer...

Have any of you guys tried the Moto Trainer "Lap Timer" (a fine spsonsor of TT), or other products similar? It looks like a pretty good idea, you can check lap times as well as keep track of service intervals... And the start/stop button is movable so you can reset it on the fly...

Is this the one from Diverse mfg?

I tried it out during my HS race yesterday and got sporadic

lap times. Although this could be due to rider error accidentally hitting the button by mistake.

I'll have to try it out again before I offer a solid opinion.

I believe it is Diverse Mfg, but I don't remember for sure. It was a sponsor link up top and I just clicked on it (the only other product they had was the "hole shot device"... If you get more running time on it, let me know what you think-thanks.

Speaking of the HS... how was it? Crowded? I went to Watkins yesterday instead. I was at Berthoud last weekend, do they run the HS track through all that deep powdery dust? There must have been 6 or 8" of powder dust just to the north of the main track-just curious. I figured that would be a total mess if everyone was riding through that...

Also look into Aim Sport Systems unit.

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