Out-of-Stater Riding in California

I understand there is a Red and Green sticker I can buy to ride in California (I'm from Northern Nevada). I have a 2001 DR-Z (E) which is pretty much stock (as far as I know). I'm not a real aggressive rider. Is the type of sticker I can get to ride in CA predetermined by law or can I purchase the type I want? Also, is it reasonable to expect that my bike will pass the CA noise requirements or is that another thing to be concerned with?



if its stock it will most definatly pass sound, i was 87db with the restrictor knocked out. in nevada i think you can actually register the bike for the road by installing the very minimal things. That would be the best bet cause then red/green sticker wouldnt apply. To save weight you could take all the street stuff off and just have the rear fender with a plate on it. If you put together your own street legalizing kit it wouldnt be that expensive especially considering if you have to buy dirt registration it can be costly, dont know exactly how much though. technically your bike though would be a red sticker if sold new in california, so thats why i suggest the plate method cause red sticker bikes can only ride at certain places during certain times of the year, green bikes can ride more places more throughout the year, but plated bikes can ride almost anywere anytime.

I agree with Tim Martin. Plate it in Nevada and then you don't have to mess with the California Off-Road permit. I had no problems down there with my plated DRZ.

Never ever get the PIA Calif DMV involved unless you absolutly have to.

Hey Jim, I've been in a couple of dual sport rides that went into California, and having my DRZ licenced in Nevada stickers never came into question. As far as I know California has to respect whatever regulations your bike is regestered under. Correct me if I'm wrong :) By the way I got sucked into 130 miles of desert riding this weekend. Next time this happens I'm giving you a call.


I thought I saw your name on the post about Sand Mountain. Were you there? I've been out there once with the bike but I'm a coward when it comes to sand. Seems like it's just waiting throw me to the ground. Maybe a Scott's Damper makes it easier to ride sand.

Yeah, call me when you're ready to ride. Is your bike an "S" or an "E"? My wife suggested I get mine licensed for the street. Maybe I'll do that. Especially if it then makes it legal to ride in CA.


We were out on the 4-mile flat road. This takes off to the south about 1/4 mile past the turn off to Sand Mountain. We saw three other dual sports riding ahead of us. I think they unloaded at Sand Mountain. We road down to the Gabbs Valley and back. A good ride :). As for your question I have an S model that is slowly getting more E like. Talk to ya later.

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