Hollister Hare Scramble

Since I had such a blast competeing at the Prairie City Grand Prix, I have decided to enter the next AMA District 36 event held at Hollister on February 1 & 2. If anyone else is planning on being there let me know. Perhaps we could have a Thumpertalk pit area.

Mark Bailey

I was going to race in Prairie City but when I went down the week before it was a mud pit. I had carb problems and I didn't feel good about racing so I didn't go. I wanted to do the Hare Scrambles in Hollister but I'm going on a tour that week end. Good luck


The reference to Prairie City and mud pit was very accurate. I just finished hosing the mud off. What a job. Now I will tackle the clothing....

I'll be at Hollister, as well.

I will be there. Its a national so the big guns will be there also

I will not be riding, but will ride the March HS..


Why are you not riding the February event? Regardless, I will look out for you there. I will be flying my TT colors by way of the fender decals which you gave me at West Coast Ride. ThumperTalk must be ecstatic over having such a high profile rider such as myself putting there logo on his bike. I wonder if I should demand some sort of sponsor compensation?????

Mark Bailey

physicly not ready :D plus my bike will get dirty :)

mainly just want to watch and see how the game is played, I will probably be helping with setup will find out this week.

So I get in free :D Ya I am cheep but I get to ride the course setting up trail markers hehehe

We need to hook will send a pm with call info

I might be there. Depends on the wether. I'll let you guys know.

Cisco / Beatle

If you all are there, I can get Blue to hook up also.

If time we can BBQ at the house, be good to see you all

If Fryboy is interested, he could throw his bike in my truck.

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