Electric vest on AC?

Anybody ever try running an electric vest on an AC lighting system?

My wife is cold blooded, and there is a much better chance of getting her to ride with me if she could wear her street-bike electric vest (Aerostich Unobtanium) on her TTR-125L. I am re-winding the stator and using a Tympanium AC regulator to get her a light now, and wondering if I can use the same wiring for the vest (when the light is off, of course). Theoretically, it should work fine, but always appreciate empirical experience.

What wattage does the vest draw? (lots I assume in comparison to something like heated grips = 35 watts) What wattage is your re-wound stator going to supply? If it's greater than the vest's requirements, you should be ok.

I seem to recall a post about this recently and something about the vest requiring too much power for it to be feasible. Have you considered heated grips? I just put these on and they are great!

yes, you can run the electric vest on AC just as well as DC. Electric vest vary from 45 to 75 watt draws, so the wound TTR stator should be able to handle the load without a problem.

Thanks! The Unobtanium is a high power vest, so I will be cramming many windings on the coil and using a Tympanium (sp?) regulator. The goal is 300 wraps of 18 ga...

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