Anyone used a PRO-TEC exhaust system?

I was just reading their website and wondered if anyone has used one of these exhaust systems on their YZ or WR?

Do a search on PRO-TEC and you will see what i posted.Since then I have been at the gold cup races at LACR & PERRIS and saw Shawn Taylor at LACR and he holeshoted the 125 int..He rode his 250f in the 250 int. class and still came away with a 3rd.Both Garret and Shawn Taylor where at round 2 at perris and Garret holeshoted both motos with his brother second. I think Garrett got second in 125 int.I talked to them and they said the pipe is the only thing they have done and they said it works awesome.Garret is on a 03 and Shawn is on a 02.

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