Secrets to 1st kick starts in gear for HS?

My 02 CRF (with an 03 cam) fires 1st kick about 50% of the time, but I am tired of getting smoked off the line in the other half of my HS races. Besides making sure the FS is right, having a fresh plug, and making sure your decompression gap and valves are in spec, do you guys have any other secrets? Race gas, ignitions, etc?

I think until the piston, rings and cyclinder reach the operating temperature it will always smoke. Mine has smoked from day one when it is first fired up and goes away quickly after it warms up. I was told that with the single ring and single oil ring design, plus virtually no piston skirt to speak of that this smoking when cold, is normal. :)

go back to the 250F!

at our HS races, there are MORE crf's sitting on the line being kicked while the field is gone than any other single bike. i'm not kidding. at the season end race, i counted 5 of them in the A and B classes that didn't fire on kick one.

compared to the 1 yzf and 1 xr, that is pretty bad.

He meant getting "smoked off the line" as in still sitting there while evertone else is gone.

I raced one H-scramble with my 02 mike and it started out of gear 1st kick, I banged it in gear and was top 3 off the line. (vet expert)Bring a crate to the line and use that to rest your left foot on so it's easier to kick it over. Only thing is you need to have someone get the crate after you take off. (I don't use this method, but I've seen it done and it looks like it works good.)

Another trick would be a quick adjust clutch, take all the freeeplay out of it for the start and then flick it back so you have freeplay after the start.

SUnruh, obviously the guys down there on 450's don't know how to do a start at a H.S down there. I have yet to see one sitting there in the A or B class, maybe C class.

I'm rite with ya SUnruh. At the last moto-x here i counted 3 of em sitting at the gates in the 250 pro and ameture. IMO You were made for the blue one.


Get the bike ggod and warm, then kill the motor. Once the send off the the line two rows in front of you, start your bike, put it in gear and kill the motor. DO NOT let the clutch out, hold it in until your row is started. By holding the clutch in you keep the oil from bonding the clutch plates back together and creating stiction thus, creating drag when you try to fire it. Go out into your garage, start your bike, put it in gear, kill the motor and let the clutch out. Pull the clutch in and put the bike back in gear and try to re-start it. Now, do the same drill without letting the clutch out and you'll feel the difference.

Or buy a Yamaha :D:) just kidding and good luck!

Bill :D

Sure you did.

i tried adjusting the clutch play as mentioned above and it helped. also, i start in 3rd gear, bike warm, with hot start lever pulled in and all this allowed me to get that first kick start.

Other than the plug, check your jetting. If it's off, you'll suffer with poor throttle response. I put the "Power Now" on, from World Power Racing, and the bike starts every time. It was always a great starter, but would get fussy on me when I stalled it during the heat of battle. Now it even starts quickly in that condition, which is all I wanted. Worth a look. Also, the air filter on this big pig really needs to be clean. When it starts getting dirty, it will bog and be hard to start. Worth an extra filter for dusty days. Good luck!


Mine has been starting first kick during all my practice starts over the last month. But like you, it fired on the 2nd or 3rd kick yesterday at the HS. I was in the 2nd row anyway so it didn't matter that much.

Finished 9th. Not quite as good as my last HS on the 250F though (3rd).

I also raced a 250f last season and towards the end of the year I learned another "great" secret....after you crank it, put it in gear,(I always use 2nd), kill the motor with the clutch pulled in(DONT let the clutch go!)'s the new secret...push you bike foward about 2 feet and then pull

it bakwards into line, never letting the clutch out. Try this, it worked wonders for mine after I had abused the clutch all year.



I think that little trick there works for every bike. I used that on my KX all last year and it worked out great. The one thing to remember always though is make sure your engine is good and warmed up. If it is not warm the trick is useless.

The problem I see with these tricks is alot of scrambles here don't allow you to have your hands on the controls. I just did a scramble that was LeMans style. I only have two races on the bike, the first race I think that I didn't have it warmed up enough, and on Sunday I got excited and forgot to pull in the hot start lever.

hmmm i ride the same series as sunruh & dont see one brand or another sitting on the line very often... a honda one race & a yam the next.. my honda starts much easier than my 426 did on a dead engine start ( at least for me) & the best thing is IF it doesnt fire on 1 kick you can just kick again without going through the drill... but i still start in neutral just to make sure it fires on 1 kick..

i think sunruhs been kicken back too many brewskis while watching the A/B class races :)

how many races were you at last year loopout?

2 or 3 of the 13.

actually, i am confusing myself. it was the nixon race that had all the crf's not starting on the line. my bad.

at that season end race, both of us were on the same starting line. now, i have a pic of the start. would you like me to show all these fine riders that pic? there certainly wasn't a crf in front of me. nor any other bike for that matter.

i don't drink till i get home.

Thanks guys for all the replies. I forgot to mention I have a Revloc. It still seems like I can try some of the ideas. Off to practice.

The last 2 races the CRF started 1st kick and that Revloc just hooked up-not the holeshot but close. But I think I am going to start in neutral from now on if I can't get better than 50% on the first kick in practice. Its closer to 90% if its in neutral. It didn't matter this race because I flatted anyway. But our track is on water restrictions so if you don't get a good jump you have major dust to worry about. Our starts are straddle the front wheel facing backwards.

Motoman, it seems alot more competitive in Senior this year. I got 3 5ths, a 6th and a 7th last year and this year it has been a 6th, 8th, 9th, DNF. There are some A class MXers in our Senior HS class. People like Aaron Turner have moved up from vet, there are some fast new faces, and then some races Jim Rase comes back from CA (where he works for Honda designing next years bikes, kinda like Honda's Dubach) to spank us all (along with just about everyone else on the track). Unless he has a flat or something, Rase is going to win Senior. I would have been pretty happy with 9th in that dust storm. Did you feel you would have done better on the 250F?

yup i made 3 rounds last year... we had new baby soo i decided to stick close to home & blow off the series (no brainer there) .

Like i said i still start my CRF in neutral to make sure its a 1 kick deal ( usually..always a exception) Also when its cold out i think all brands of strokers have probs.. last year rd 1 at goertz i think half the 4stks had trouble starting.. i know 3-4 my buddies had to change plugs...

Nixon did have a few riders bikes not start... in fact that race mine started then died 5ft out ( not sure what happened).. started dead last & got up to 6th...

go ahead & post the skull creek pic.. i got a 5th place start that race i think & 5th place finish... wont hurt my feelings... had i ran practice or a parade lap i wouldnt have gotten fouled up in the dunes on lap 1 & would have done better...

considering i never go practice woods riding i think i can hold my own very well...

bring the ol BMR out to cross creek sat & i'll show ya the hot lines around the mx track.. me & bobby are having too much fun out there on the weekends....

sunruh...I found your post to loopout...insulting. He was playing around with you about the brewskis. We could care less when you drink. From the way you ride, it would appear you drank BEFORE the race...

Who cares what CRF beat or did not beat you off the start. He never claimed a CRF (or his for that matter) beat you.

I, unlike some others here, don't give a damn that you are a mod. I think you are an insulting, wanna-be-know-it-all punk. Maybe if you would practice more instead of typing 1000's of messages on dirt bike forums across the state, you would be a faster rider. :)

Well...back to the starting thing....Mike, since you use a RevLok, I'll be asking you questions?...I have the z-start coming and I was wondering about "in-gear" starts. I know a lot of 4-strokers start in neutral (if it is Lemans ,then I guess everyone will)...but My buddy always started his 250f in 2nd and holeshotted 10 out of 12 races, must also add I tried the neutral start with about a 5th (out of 24orso), but later I saw a Video of the start and it was obvious how

much faster he left the line, at least 40 feet after turn 1.

This post brings up another question about starting the Crf...I'll post it seperately under "Starting secrets/hints"



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