Cam Sprocket Bolt striped...need help..urgent!

Okay, I was able to adjust my valves with the help of a friend. But now, one of the bolts that hold the cam sprocket together has its thread stripped. Can I get this bolt from a hardware store or do I need the real one from Honda? The part number from is 14322-MN1-670.


Let me guess? Your valves went to "0" clearance? How did you strip the bolt and not the thread in the hole? You could take the bolt to a good hardware store that carries metric bolts and match it up, not anything special about it if I can remember. Just clean the bolts and female threads the best you can with some carb. cleaner and wire brush and dont forget the loctite!


i locktighted mine for the stripped bolt,i wouldn't let that stop me from riding just find something close

If you are worried about balance buy 2 that match the threads of the previous one. Replace them both. If you have the ability to get grade 8 I would recommend it. :)

I didnt strip the bolt. It seems like the dealer that adjusted my valves the last time did it.

They carged me $170 too!

Man, the valve adjustment thing was not that hard after all! Cool! Now I've learned something new... :)


The shim that was in there previously was 170. I went down to 140 but it was still tight. What size did you use for yours anyways? By the way, I went to a Yamaha dealer and bought the shims there. It fits, and it's way cheaper too. They charged $3 while the honda dealer charged $10 for each shim.


I dont buy shims, I hone them down on a knife sharpening stone, and use a micrometer to gauge my progress. Unfortunately we dont have any shops around here worth the powder it would take to blow them sky high! :)

The first time I had a local machine shop surface grind them for $25, but since the L valve was at -0 and I only told them to take off .006 It put it at .002

The next time I did it I discovered the stone trick, and was able to get them right on the money! :D at .006

It only took me a couple of minutes per .001 Well worth the effort to ride instead of wait on parts. :D


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