Squeaky Noise???

I just mantenced every thing and all the other good stuff and now al of a sudden it's makeing this starnge squeaking creankly noise that worries me. Should i be worrie or sholdn't i?

If there is any more info u need let me know and i will tyr to explain more.

What did you do to it and where is the noise comming from?

Thats just it I don't know where the noise is coming from. The only thing i did to it was change the oil, radiator fluid, clean the air filter, and adjust the clickers.

When does it make the noise?

when ever i move it, jiggle it, or sit on it, any move meant.

oops, never mind.

sounds like a rear suspension bind.

If it makes noise without the engine on, then it's somewhere in your suspension or chain guide mechanism. You messed with the clickers, did you loosen something perhaps? Maybe you need to lube something to stop the squeaking noise or something is rubbing somewhere. Check all things that move when you move/jiggle the bike and narrow down one section at a time - i.e. bounce on the forks first, then the shock, then try moving the chain/drive, number plates, wheels/bearings, etc...

What should i lube the suspenion rod with?

you probably have some rust/corrosion in either the linkage bearings or the swingarm bearings. they don't come from yamaha with a whole lot of grease, and then yahoos like you and me aim the pressure washer at the bike. i'd suggest that you take it apart BEFORE it siezes and you'll be a lot better off. unless you enjoy pounding out linkage/swingarm bearings, that is.

when you are done, the LINKAGE and the SWINGARM will be nice and clean.

jim aka the wrooster

Thanks for the pics they really helped out alot. But when I pull the swing arm will any bearing or anything fall out.

Can any one give a things to look out for?

Does it matter waht kind of greese you use or is there a certain greese i need to use.

for grease info, RTFM on what type and where to use it. 95% of what needs lubricating on the linkage can be done with a quality lithium-complex waterproof grease. CRC/STA-LUBE "STA-PLEX EXTREME PRESSURE" RED GREASE is my fav (STA-PLEX RED GREASE CAN PIC). good stuff and cheap, $4 for a one pound tub at your local pep boys. for places where moly grease is indicated, you can actually use the RED stuff above (it has a super high Timken wear rating) or you can get CRC/STA-LUBE "MOLY-GRAPH" grease. either way, clean the old grease and "string cheese" out until the rotating parts are shiny (you'll recognize the OEM string cheese when you get in there) before putting new grease in/on.

warning, some greases have a aluminum base, as opposed to lithium (soap) base. DO NOT MIX greases with different bases, or you will have a slimy sticky mess. grease really consists of a carrier and lubricating oil; the carrier bleeds the oil out to lubricate the running surfaces. the carrier has to have certain properties to withstand temperature, pressure, and so forth. that's why there are different kinds of bases. modern lithium complex greases are very robust and nothing on your bike requires more from a temperature or pressure standpoint. aluminum base greases are in fact less water soluble, and therefore are used in marine applications. if you are planning on riding in water every day with your bike, and not tearing down the linkage for years, you might consider an aluminum base grease.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

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