Filter Oil? You'll laugh when you read this one.

I just found out I'm a troll because I don't have any posts, so hear goes. I'm waiting for my Christmas present ('03 WR250F from the wife) and I'm trying to make sure that I know how to maintain it properly before I break it out and mess something up. I've owned a couple of bikes before, but nothing that I was too concerned about before. Anyway, I have a friend who (in his prime) was an awesome desert racer. He told me that I could use transmission fluid as an air filter oil. I have an old '83 XR500 that I've actually tried this on. It doesn't look like I've ever had any break-through, but then again, I really didn't care if I seized it. Has anyone ever heard of using anything other than filer oil?

By-the-way, I have no plans to use anything other than the best for my new ride (if it ever gets here).

Try not to be too mean when you make fun of me while you're responding. Never-mind, go ahead and roast me in your responses, I'm married with kids, I can take it. HA HA HA

Forget the tranny oil, it will drip off into the bottom of your airbox. :):D :D :D

I used tranny oil a couploe of time when i ran out of air filter oil and never had any problems and i did it on my 03 250F. I'll bet i'm lucky i didn't plug a jet or sumpin.

It's an air filter not a tranny filter. right?'s an air filter. I can see you shakin' your head all the way in ID.

I know we used a lot of automotive oil not that long ago so it wouldn't surprise me.

I kinda feel stupid now.


don't let these non-TROLLs get you down. :)

you ask about using cheap transmission fluid for your air filter but then say that you want only the best for your bike. (?)

my suggestion on air filter oil is to skip the transmission fluid and instead get yourself a can of "twin-air filter oil". i've not found any reason to change from the twin-air stuff. i run it on my UNI filters and it all works out just fine. the twin-air tacks up very well overnight, with no slimy run-off like i had with UNI oil. it has a nice blue color to it that helps you see that the entire filter is oiled. get yourself down to walmart/costco and buy a 100 pack of non-powdered surgical gloves -- they are like $5 a box and you'll use them for air filter cleaning, oil changes, and a million other things. makes cleaning up a snap. speaking of, i clean my twin-air covered UNI filters with pump gas and so far nothing bad has happened.

which brings up another point -- always let your newly oiled air filter set up overnight. otherwise, your motor can suck oil out of the filter and through the carb, which will then gunk up various tiny orifices which meter fuel into the airstream.

here's a link to the twin-air stuff, but i usually get it from the local stealer at about the same price.

twin air oil at

i've got about 1400 miles on my '01 wrf, still going strong. maybe it's the air filter oil. or maybe it's my deodorant. i just don't know. but that's my $0.02 for now.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

Hey troll..I mean oldmanrookie, mineral spirits followed by water works real well for cleaning. Just make sure you don't twist the filter up too get the water out.

Wrooster & Deadeye

Thanks for the info. Wrooster, I guess my original statement was a little contradictory, but I have done a lot of checking on engine oils and there's alot of support indicating that a good synthetic automobile engine oil is better AND cheaper than motorcyle enfine oils. I was hoping that the tranny fluid was another "secret". Guess not. Thanks again.

Here's my 2cents worth.

I would recomend the NO-TOIL system it's awesome,start off with the kit, it comes with filter oil + cleaner and filter rim grease,the big advantage is the cleaning all you do is put a little bit of the cleaning powder in some warm water and dunk and agitate the filter and voila super clean another bonus is it's all biodegradable you can dump the remains down a drain or driveway:)I put the no-toil oil in a spray pump which makes it much easier to apply.

Dont fart around with trani fluid get the real stuff.I allways keep two filters,that way you can allways have a fresh one on hand.

but I have done a lot of checking on engine oils and there's alot of support indicating that a good synthetic automobile engine oil is better AND cheaper than motorcyle enfine oils.

i use mobil 1 15w50 RED CAP (non-EC) from walmart. it works for me. it works for others. but opinions vary. i know that you are a TT newbie but a old hand at motorcycles. that said -- do not, under any circumstances besides someone threatening the welfare of you or your family, ask aloud "what's the best oil for my 250F?". the last time that happened we had to get a new server and we almost brought down the entire internet due to excessive traffic. pick an oil, any oil you want, and keep quiet about it. everyone is better off that way. :)

nothing to see here, just keep clicking folks...

jim aka the wrooster

I use UNI filter cleaner and oil. The oil is thick and sticky so in doesn't drip off and leave a puddle in the bottom of the box. The cleaner works realley well and washes out easily with warm water. I doubt if I will even try any thing else.

I use PJ1 oil filter oil and cleaner it works great it is red so u know where u have put it and the cleaner takes it off fast just spray it on let it set then wash it out with water

Just don't put filter oil in your tranny! :D

Welcome to TT!....... :)

coconut oil, applied by hand...rubbed in slowly by a tall blond.....

sorry, lost it for a second

What???? oil on the filter, won't that make dirt stick to it?

You wouldn't want dirt on the airfilter now would you, or in the transmission for that matter. I reckon if you dont put oil on it or in it then it can't get dirty. Now as long as you leave it locked in a glass case in the attic everything should be just fine.Just don't start it!!

Tranny oil is Better than NO OIL!

If thats all you got for that day and its means ride or not ride............

I'd say wheres my tranny oil!

BTW Back in the 70's, filter oil was not around, we used ANY OIL that we had.

Gas to clean it.......... and whatever oil we had laying around.............

BTW Back in the 70's, filter oil was not around, we used ANY OIL that we had.

My Mom's gravy worked better than oil............... :)

Sorry Mom..............

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