XR200 clutch


A while back I replaced the clutch on my XR200.

The kit included all new plates and springs.

Even with the new clutch, it seemed like it slipped a bit.

Now it seems like it's slipping even more.

Since a new clutch didn't fix it, what are the options?

Stiffer springs? (as in swap 3 from an XR250???)

Thicker plates? (Barnett)

Extra plates? (I have 2 full sets)

I replaced my clutch on my ride about 2 months ago, because it was slipping in 4th and 5th grae under a heavy load. I don't know what type of clutch you are using, but I was recommended the Barnett pieces(dicsc, springs, and plates), and also replaced the basket(Hinson), because it had small grooves where the fingers of the discs ride, and that would allow the clutch to hang up on releasing. I should have replaced the inner, and pressure plate, but the outer basket was very noticable, and very little wear from the inner stopped me from doing that. It was a corner I cut, that I probably shouldn't, but I did, and all works fine.

Your kit should have included the plates, discs, and springs. Did you get yours from the dealer? Did you replace the center nut as well? The manual says to measure the waviness of the metal discs, but it is (again) cheap insurance to replace them with the discs. Did you let them sit in fresh oil prior to installing for a few minutes? If it is still slipping, try backing off the cable adjustment @ the clutch, till you have almost no clutch at all. If it still slips, then I would assume that it is internal. What oil are you using?

Anyone else?

I think I used the EBC kit which has fiber plates, metal plates, and springs. I soaked it in oil overnight and installed it. There were some grooves in the clutch basket, which I thought would affect disengagement more than engagement, but maybe this is the problem.

I was informed that if the grooves in the fingers of the basket are very slight, then you could file them flat with a fine file, but just make sure not to file more than necessary. Mine had big ripples rather than grooves or notches, so opted to replace it. I saw the same ripples in the center, only not as bad, and very small grooves on the pressure plate surface. I wish I would have replaced the last 2, but it works fine, and I have no wear issues.

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