WR450F No Spark!

Hey guys, need a little help here. 06 WR450F won't start with the E-start or kickstart. Checked plug, while kicking & E-starting, no spark. :thumbsup: Towed behind quad, popped it in 2nd and fired up. I'm thinking stator (Ricky Stator) not producing enough juice with just the kick or E-start. Any other ideas?

I don't think it would be the kill switch or coil....because it will start, just not with the kick or magic button.

Sounds like you narrowed it down.

Let us know what it was.

Check the fuse.

I put the stock stator and regulator back in...fired right up.

Ahh, must be a bad connection. You can usually fix that with a good soldering iron.

Do you need the Ricky Stator?

Yeah, I still need it. It's only a couple of months old. I'm sending it back to see if they'll exchange or repair it.

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