oil in the 250f??

i just bought my 2003 yz250f and its in my basement waiting for the snow to melt...but i started it today.....and i couldnt get any oil to show up on the dipstick......it kinda makes me mad because there is probably engin problems now ..but could i just add oil to it and see if it shows up???...or what should i do??

How long did u let it run? If u let it run for atleast 3 mins and there is still no oil showing up on the stick the u dsperatly need oil. It takes about 1 quart/liter. But before u do that drain the oil and see if any was in there if not then put some in ASAP.

Ya, I would definately do the DRAIN old oil first, then measure what comes out. DO NOT let it idle for 3 minutes first if you even "think" its low on oil.

If my drz sat for a couple days the all the oil would drain from the frame and back into the base.To get a reading on the dip stick i would have to let it run for 5min or take it for a short spin before i would get a good reading on the dip stick.The drz also has a bolt on the side of the engin so you can check the oil level in the base, i can use this method if all the oil has drained from the frame,maybe the yamahas have this way of checking the oil level also?

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