A whole bunch of Qs!!!

I just fitted some new bits and pieces, and yesty whilst looking at my bike...I thought of something...Everyone is a tall person here is getting different pegs, taller seats bars etc...i was thinking...Could you just swap the pegs around...I am talking about the actual Peg, not the mount, but the peg it self...If you put the left on the right, and the r on l, wouldnt the angle drop it down and back say half an inch each??? Also...does anyone have any experience with cutting down the silencer...and what did you do??? I asked before, but was looking for something more specific...What gains and losses did you experience, and is it worth it??? Also, the optional springs...the Manula says that they are optional, does that mean they are free??? Might sound funny, but some people I know have different views on this!!! And what is the go with the quick release filters...any info anyone??? Thanks for your help guys...see the thing is is that it is so hot and dry here, it is no good for ridin, so I am workin on the new bike, prepping it bit by bit...Oh yeah, I am 6' 7" and about 220 pounds...I think...well I am a hundred KG!!! Thanks again!!! DINGA

One thiing at a time please. Re: the pegs, if you switch sides with them the angle would be way off. You can take a hacksaw and cut the spacer off the bottom and move it to the top for free. It will lower the peg 1/2-3/4" or 12-18mm and move it back about the same amount. It is easy and free. You do have to switch the springs from one side to the other.

Correct me Fastest1 but this trick doesn't work anymore. The pegs are different now from 2001 where you could cut this spacer.

THat is the exact same way fastway does it. put the extra spacong at the top. If oyu have stock pegs you can cut the spacer off and replace it on top with one bought at your local hardware and it would lower the pegs.

Fastway has just redesigned the evolution peg... the new evolution 2 pegs are 3mm back, have a totally changed mounting system that allows you to run them standard or lowboy (down and back) configuration using a stainless steel collar insert system that does NOT sever the collar. This collar system also allows one peg to fit over 100 different models just by getting the collars for your bike. The FKMS (camber adjustment) bolt is new and very strong as well as being a different size. Additionally all the new pegs are electromagnetically polished giving it a very corrosion resistant finish and a polished like appearance.

F3's have customer replaceable thread in teeth. They are very tacky and are super good in muddy / slick conditions. You can also get creative with them as they come with two different sizes of teeth... I like to run the smaller ones in the front row of the left peg as it makes it really easy to rock your foot forward to shift. I do find that with the Evolution 2 pegs being 3mm back (I run them in the low position making them .5 inches further back from there) that it really opens up the area for your feet to operate.

F4's have press in teeth that Fastway will replace for you if you like as they wear. These are better for the trail riders and generally riders with a little less experience as they are nice and wide for comfort but still enable you to slide your feet off to the side.

Both platforms are 2.25" wide (huge)


Also, the optional springs...the Manula says that they are optional, does that mean they are free???

Man do I wish things like that are FREE for our bike, but NO they are not. :)

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