2000 wr426 vs 2001 ?


i am close on spending on a new bike... and i'm looking at a used wr426 which has be road legalised... i have been reading through all the wr426 specs on the web, until I realised all the titanium valves etc. is for the 2001 bike.

what is the difference between the 2000 & 2001 wr426 bikes? I've seen occaisonal postings about 2000 wr426 being 'junk'? why?

I am keen on running on the road, so wide ratios and a large-ish fuel tank are on the list... is the 2000 wr426 a good bike... or should I walk away...?



'79 xl250s

'95 gsx1100g

The 2000 WR is a 400cc motor.

The 2001 WR is a 426cc motor.

The 2000 YZ is a 426 which will need a lighting coil to make street legal work.

The WR has a lighting coil from factory.

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