What about tire chains for the bike?

My friend just came back from a motorcycle museum in Ohio and was saying that they had tire chains for motorcycle's.

Anyone else ever heard of it before or seen it?

What the heck would that be like? :D

Would be pretty cool just to throw on some chains instead of threading 200 studs in a tire, plus you could just backpack the chains if you have to ride the bike on the street to the trail. :)

I'm sure the bikes he was looking at were competition hill climbers. They often use chains. AFAIK they are usually custom made and not easy to get on/off.

I once saw a guy that had wrapped his rear wheel in large diameter rope...round and round through the spokes. It was odd looking - not sure if it worked well or not.

i agree with mike,what your buddy saw was a hill climber.

I think those rokons had them

if you want crazy stuff like chains, get an extra rear wheel and take the tire tube and rim strip off and clean it rear good. NExt cut 8 spoon like paddles to weld to the rim. Lay a nice solid bead on both sides with a MIG - BAM hook up better then any chain could :)

Yeah, the idiot probably did see a hill climber with chains or the Rokon. :)

Take the time to put the screws in. I was ice riding this weekend. What a blast.The time spent is worth it.Buy a 12 pack take the wheels off the bike. Get the electric screwdriver and screw away.Get "cold cutter" screws. And stay off pavement.

There was an article in the local newspaper about a guy in Conneticut that rode his harley year round. He's been doing it for something like 20 years. His snow tire of choice is a studded snow tire design for use w/the original Volkswagen beetle. they are made by a company in Denmark.

hmmm this might be interesting in the snow


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