03 YZF vs. WRF e-cam part numbers

FYI - I just spoke with Kirk at Bardwell...

He looked up the e-cam part numbers for the YZF450 and WRF450:

YZF = 5TA-12180-00-00

WRF = 5TJ-12180-10-00

The first 3 digits is the bike's model, the difference is the 10 vs. 00 which is supposed to be a change. This verifies that the 2 e-cams are different! YamaFreek tried YZ timing his 03 WRF's e-cam and it won't start, while Toby_S tried WR timing his 03 YZF e-cam and that worked.

I bet the 03 YZF250 and WRF250 part number will have a similar change:

YZF250 = 5UL-12180-00-00

WRF250 = ???-12180-10-00

Rick Kienle - can you confirm the 250F part number with your PDF files?

Rick K. are you reading this? Can you confirm the part number differences for the e-cam between the 03 YZ250F & WR250F from your PDF files? :)

Remember, all it takes is relocating the punch marks to require a different part number.


True but what about YamaFreek's experiment with his 03 WR e-cam (i.e. the YZ timing didn't work)? Assuming that YamaFreek did everything correctly which I think he did since it sounds like he's done this more than once already...

Sorry, I've been out of town. Unfortunatley I only have the parts fiche for the 2002 250Fs. The e-manuals I have for the 03 250Fs are only the service manuals and do not include part numbers.

I agree that just relocating the punch marks would require a different part number as we have determined with the 01-02 cams. However, because of the auto decomp, they may have to change the position of the "bump" to accomodate different timing so the parts may actually be very different.

I have not done the mod but I might speculate that with the new autodecomp, changing from "factory" timing might pose problems for starting but would probably be fine once the engine is running.

For me, I will get a YZ cam for my WR when I do it because I like the YZ timing.

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