Boot test

Nice Link! Thanks!

Really good Fe :D

If that site keeps up to date than we can always refer some of the boot questions to a search for Boot Test :)

That's pretty cool. My A-Star Vectors did pretty good... and they're comfy too!

thanks FE!cool test!im alipnestar kinda guy!i love my tech 6's but they have been resoled twice gonna try the high end Gearne's next.i get a killer deal on them so its worth a shot.

My AXO's perfomed well, but they feel like cinder blocks on my feet. Next time I'll get the Sidi's, they were a better fit too. Only 100 dollars more. But if anyone has tried the AXO rc5's, these things are built like little trucks.

I was wearin a old pair a friend gave me :(untill a couple of weeks ago. Bough some tect 6, what a difference :) Money very well spent.

cool link, the other links on his site are good also.

Wish I had one of those machines to break in my boots.

Just got some MSR world tours since the others I got were too big

I traded them in for these.

Went for a short street ride with them and I could not shift properly,

it pissed me off. I guess I just need to get them broken in and flexable.

Have soaked in water and used the saving cream trick, will probably

go pick up some good leather oil this week also.

The toe area just seems to big and I have to hold my leg at an extreme

angle to get it to shift properly, guess the boots are just too stiff still...

Going to take the rubber peg inserts off and see if that helps a bit...

Excellent link! Love my alpinestars! (functional AND comfortable!)

Kawidual, you can try moving your shift lever up a notch too, it worked for me!

hey Otto, or anyone.

How do you move the shift lever up one notch, didnt see anything

in the stock manual for shifter adjustment, I think all I need is about

and inch or 2 up not really out like the BD extender... :)

Remove the shift lever from the spline (take off the 8 or 10mm bolt)

Rotate the shift lever up a few degrees and reinstall the bolt.

thanks, will try that today or when it stops raining perhaps...

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