cheapest place to buy yz cam

After reading for hours about the yz exhaust cam mod. I think I am finally ready to pull the trigger.

Many of the post talked about getting the cam for right at $100. But every place I look, its about 150 or more. Anyone know the cheapest place to buy?



Are you looking for the auto decompression feature or just the top end power boost?

I have done the FREE YZ timing mod to my WR cam to get that "Hit" in the higher RPM's but still use the manual decompression lever. If all you want is the auto decompression you can use either YZ or WR 450 exhaust cam but you loose the ability to change timing, the free mod only works with manual decompression cams. Also remember that a new or new to you cam needs time to wear into the head, if you drop a new cam in and go for a screaming ride you could seize it and damage your head...:thumbsup:

Why would he want to put a compression release on a bike that comes with a auto decompression?

I put a YZ cam in my bike and raced the next day. Thats the first time I ever heard of having to break a cam into a head

Yeah, I have an 03 wr450. I think that was the first year for the auto decomp. I just was trying to find the best place to buy the yz cam.

Thanks guys,


North County Yamaha had the best prices when I put autodecomp on my son's 250f. I think the pre-03 cams without the autodecomp mechanism are less than a benjamin, but the autodecomps are all around a buck-fifty...

And yes, you shoudl "run in"a camshaft when you put it on a different head.

Birdy, is that a self pic in a U2?

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