USFS Sound test info

Hi everyone,

This Sunday I rode Foresthill with Cisco and Tim Martin. Cisco arranged to have a Ranger come in and do a courtesy sound check.

Last month while riding an enduro at Foresthill I tested at 90-91 db with the stock pipe/baffle.

Haremscarem sent me a TTR-250 baffle for testing purposes. I wanted to compare the power compared to the stocker. The hole is considerably bigger than that of the stocker and does allow more flow.

I tested at 93 db which is well within the sound limit.

What was the power like compared to stocker?

To be honest with you, I couldn't tell any significant change and if there were any increase over stocker it was marginal. In other words, I wasn't happy with it. It is an alternative but really not worth the effort of finding someone to part with it being you can't order just the baffle from Yamaha.

With the baffle the bike is still really plugged up. I am leaning toward the E-Series with Quiet core and powerbomb header which passed the sound test. Cisco on a DRZ kicker tested at 96.7 db.

For more interesting info read this post:



You might check to see if anyone with a WR has been tested with the e series. The Yamahas seem to be loader than any of the bike - harder to get the dbs down from most. Even though Ciscos Z pasts I don't know that would meen a Yam would pass w/ the same pipe. A buddy of mine rides a WR 426 with an E and he has run it with the QC and he hated it - killed the power. I'll see if I can get more info on it from him.

I see you had a good ride this weekend as well. We ended up with 13 guys at Stonyford on Sat. Man the conditions were just AWESOME!! It was SOOO much fun!

Talk to you soon Dan

I think it will pass but with only 5 discs and the quiet core 2 insert.The power will defiantly suck.I had it this way and it killed my yz.I would wait till the E2 comes out and see how that is first.I heard it was due in march or april.

Talk to ya later

The Blue One

Hey Dan,

Thanks for the heads up on the E series. I wondered if it would pass on WR426 too.

I am still bummed I couldn't make the ride with you guys last Saturday. If only the dang hosts would schedule them for Sundays. :) Glad you guys had a good time.


I just installed a White Bros. Vortip and I can tell a lot of differences between riding with the stock baffle and riding without one at all. It feels like it gives its best power low to mid range area the best. I'm very happy with it and will leave it on & saves me 300 bucks for not buying the FMF Q series.

I have not had it sound tested yet cause Hellister only does it on the weekends, but it should pass.

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