Is my -09 yz450f really -09 long exhaust?

Hi ,i am at the end of my waiting for my 2009 yz450f should be here wery soon .it comes from factory from japan ,i have seen an picture of the bike allready

and it has gold chain and black engine cover but supprise it has the "long exhaust" no problem (i will put an aftermarket anyway), but i would like to understand if its really an -09 or ? factory yamaha in japan still producing it with the long ex.

or are they trying to screw me off here..:thumbsup:

Probably 09. Here in Europe all 08 and 09 models have long exhausts.

USA, Canada, Australia, and a few other select places are the only countries that get the short silencer, most other countries get the long one, however they also get a powerbomb header stock.

thats cool i was newer too interested in the power-killer muffler...:thumbsup:

Argentina gets the long exhaust, other south american countries get the shorty one.

Don't worry, you are getting the real thing

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