ok my accelerator pump diaphram is no longer useable. i attempted to order a new one and it was back-ordered, who knows for how long. i was thinking of an aftermarket one. do these come with a new diaphram? if so which one should i go with?? quick shot 2??

do these come with a new diaphram?


I ordered one through the TT store not so long ago and did not have to wait too long. They are available so best to run with the OEM part. Also the rod that actuates the diaphragm corrodes so may be an idea to replace that as well.

quick sort of off topic question, which way does the diaphragm go? it fits in either way i just want to make sure i have it the right way.

On one side, there will be an extension. or "button", in the center. That side goes down, against the cover.

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