susanville-alturas area


I don't know any thing about those two areas but if you head out south of town about 1/4 mile past Goose Lake State Park turn left and go up towards the mountain, there is a lake up there that I can't remember the name of but there is a very large OHV trail system once you get to the top of the ridge. I was there in 2000 when the now defunct Discovery trail system was opened. This system was deemed unlawful by some eco-nazi judge and all of the signs were removed but the system is still open, it just can't be advertised on maps and such. I think if you go to you will find maps of this system, if not the Forest circus station there in Lakeview should be able to tell you where the trail starts,..Oh yeah, I just remembered Honey Lake motocross just outside of Susanville.. New track, supposed to be nice.

Good Luck, Jim

while you are driving along US 395 keep your eyes open in the surrounding mountains you might just come across some great trails, I drove that route and it looked wide open. I dont have any specifics and have never riden there but check it out and let us know what you find.

Thanks for the info, I might have to check out the Susanville track. I am going to check out the Sportsman Park by Klamath Falls. Has anyone been there and if so, how was the riding? I have found some riding areas near Lakeview, I will give everyone an update, soon.

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