How Far on Stock Tank..

Just wondering how far (miles) I could expect to go in a HS. I havent raced this new bike yet and wonder. Don't want to run a little short ya know.

A stock tank lasts me about 4 hours in the summer (woods riding) and 2 1/2 in the winter (richer setting and real cold). I don't race so about how long on a track I have no real clue. Hope that helps. :)

I can't go anywhere near 2 hrs on our HS course with the stock tank. I have the Clarke 3.3 and I finish a 2+ HS with a small safety margin.

I am getting about 50 miles in warm weather.

I can go nearly 2 hours in the bush (Thats a large expanse of land with trees for U Americans) and about an hour an 15 on an MX track

I get 40-50 miles of trailriding from the stock fuel tank.

It will start backfiring when it's almost time to push.

A long time ago, when I was young, I could ride for 2 hours in an American bush.

I just raced a 2 hr HS yesterday. Topped off the tank before the race and planned on stopping at the halfway point to refuel. I must of been getting delirious and missed my wife's signal to stop at the one hour mark. I finally stopped out of sheer exhaustion and found out I had ridden 1.5 hrs. The tank was almost dry. I didn't get a really good look at the level, but it was way down there...couldn't have gone too much further.

I am not the fastest, so some guys burn more gas than I do. But I race in the 4Stroke class and most of the HS I race are at Budds Creek. The course is abuot 4-4.5 miles and the last race I did 10 laps in the two hours and it looked like I had about 2 laps worth of gas left in the tank.

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