1 1/8 Protapers

Heyllo I am looking to install a set of 1 1/8 protapers on me yz250f with the stock triple and was wondering what mounts everyone is using? I dont think Protaper makes a mount for the stock triple and 1 1/8 bars but I do know Tag does. anyone use these mounts?

If you want to keep the stock triple clamp, you can use any universal mount, but it will raise the bar height about 1/2". The best buy is MOOSE makes one that comes with the bar pad and retails for $40. Most cost about that or more but do not include the pad. Same with bars, tags come with pad, pro tapers don't.

When i bought my pro-tapers i had to buy teh bar mounts to so they would fit. Pro-taper maked their own bar mount with out having to change the triple clamp. The only thing it will do is raise the bar about a half inch.

If you check out ProTaper's website ( http://www.protaper.com ) you will find a spec sheet for all of their bars. They make 3 different "Universal" bar bends which already compensate for the additional height you incur when using the ProTaper Univeral barmounts. You should be able to find the ProTaper mounts online or at your LBS for around $63. You may also want to check out RockyMountainMC.com for bar mounts. They have a pair of Tusk (their house brand) for about $40 that appear to be identical to the more expensive Azonic mounts.

protapers or renthal both r great bars id go with thought.

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