Winter Tires

The winter here in WV is killing me. My new 450F needs to be ridden but I need some advice on getting traction in the snow, ice, and frozen ground. I tried some 5/16" hex-head slotted screws which worked pretty well until the ones that I had angled into the rear knobbies pulled out. I angled them slightly so that I would have less chance of them pushing through into my tube. It worked well on the front but the rear screws in the center knobs pulled out in one ride. Has anyone had a a similiar experience? What kind of screws (preferably from Lowe's) work best for this? Also what type of pattern,number of screws yeilds the most traction?

Good luck with the screws. We tried them in the mud with the same effect. Most guys here went to the spendy stud tires at $300-400 per set. They work great. Check back with your post I've seen other guys post using the screws.

Allright Ill bite.

I use screws to trailride here in Michigan. 5/16 are WAY to short. If your tires are pretty fresh use 5/8 screws. DONT use hardware store screws. They are soft and wont last. Use ice screws like Kold Kutters of Gold Screws. They are hardened and will last longer.

Now, to make them last. DO NOT RIDE ON ROCKS, CEMENT, OR DIRT ROADS. Only use them to ride on snow covered dirt trails.

Lecture over.

If you dont want to loose any screws get a used streetbike tire that will fit intside your rear tire. Cut the sidewalls off the used tire. Put the liner into your rear tire, mount it up and air the tire up. Then insert 1" ice screws thru your tire and into the liner.

If ya are just lookin to get outta the house to keep from going crazy then just get like 500 5/8 ice screws. Put one in eack knob in the front and scatter the rest around the rear. Have fun and stay away from hard surfaces if ya want them to last.

Ive been using the same studded rear tire for trail ridding for like 5 years with just minor screw replacement every other year. It can be done. You just have to realize that there are some places you cant ride if you want your studs to last.

I have some studded tire picts I can send ya if ya need some ideas

I also live in WV and have the same problem. Instead of using screws, i went to Lowes and bought about 60 1/4 inch carrage head bolts and used them. I got one of my old tires that I had deemed worn out and drilled holes in the knobs. Then put a washer on the bolt and pushed it through the hole. I then put another washer on the outside and proceded to double nut each bolt. altogather it cost me about 15 bucks and traction is now everywhere. My only word of caution is to cut the excess bolt off of the outside or it will demolish the mudflap that protects the shock and swingarm.

I would imagine that those trellberg tires or whatever they are would work well but at that price I don't think so. What I find works well for me and is easy to do is the following. Take your wheels off of the bike and leave the tires on the rims. go to your local tire shop and have them stud your tires using the same process they use on car tires. It shouldn't cost more than $20-$30 a tire, and you can choose what pattern you want. I use this setup in the winter up here in Alaska and it works well for me. good luck.


Nice thought Dan. Except that tire studs are illegal for road use in most states so our tire shops probably wont have the hardware to stud tires.

Not tryin to slam your idea. Just statin a fact.

You can find hardened slotted hex head sheet metal screws at any fastner supply.

I get a power screwdriver, some super glue, a twelve pack of Heineken and get busy.

You should clean off the screws with brake cleaner and just use a drop of super glue. They seem to stay in longer with the glue.

I don't know of too many states that don't allow studed tires on the road. most shops should have the equipment. all they do is drill a small pilot hole in the nobs on the tire and use a air tool/driver to force in the stud.

Michigan dosent. Im betten that there are more that dont than does.

you ever get out east to easton MD? you should check out the mx park we have here..

he's open all year ,as long as its fairly dry...its built in a low base so the wind doesn't factor in.the course is so busy your sweatin' after 2 before you come and bring some $$$ its not cheap for non members....but worth the cheese.

we can even find you a cheap room if you wanna make a weekend out of it..

we ride there 4-6 times a month as long as it's not raining...

when the dry season comes they have an irrigation system that keeps the dust away...


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