Seat Hop: How, When, Why?

What are some techniques for seat hopping. And, when and why do you use it. Or is there something else that is as effective in the same situations. Also, does the rebound setting affect the seat hop?

Thanks in advance


Do you mean seat-bouncing? :)

I shall try to answer or give my own personal experience. Seat hopping/seat bouncing is where one stays seated on the runup off a jump.

It's used mostly when you have a short runup to a jump or want to get as much air as possible a-la SX type jumps. One has to start out small until comfortable. The whole technique is to stay seated until the bike goes through the trasition then one stands up and forward to counter the front end from flipping out. Just like normal jumping don't chop the gas until the rear wheel has left the jump or can end up on your head!!

I caution you to start out small and don't be too generous with the right hand until you feel comfortable. The way I started out was to kind of crouch and then as I approached the jump, I sit and pull on the handle bars as I feed the gas almost like you want to wheelie then move up out of the rebound smoothly as I back off the throttle and pull in the clutch in case I need to brake to bring the front down. It is better to start on a small step up, when you get it right, it feels good!! Looks cool too!!

Yes, start small...I used to have the tendency to almost get tossed on my head. It can be very useful when needed. I just got my new Transworld Motocross and they have an article with Andrew Short on this exact matter with detailed pics, maybe check that out as well. Careful with the clutch and throttle and practice practice practice....enjoy.

In my day we called this loading the suspention.

I accidentally seat bounced a highspeed table top. Boy was that the wrong thing to do. I didn't pull on the bars and my baby f tried to buck me over the bars. Needless to say I landed the jump(very sloppy), but when the lil double came up I was sooo bent out of shape that I went for a flip or two. Was not a pretty sight.

It is a little strange looking straight at the ground over the bars. Bike was ok and so was I. Did everything I could from doing a major indo.

I have never heard my bike rev that high before.



Yeah, seat bouncing is mostly used where

1) Speed alone will not let you clear a jump

2) You CANNOT get enough of a run at the jump to get enough speed

3) You mess up, don't get on the gas, and NEED to clear a jump.

I seat bounce by staying seated, and just as my front wheel is starting to go up the jump, I gas it HARD for just a split second (a blip), and lightly pull on the bars to allow me to push myself into the seat. As soon as the front wheel leaves the ground, Stand up and arc your body forward at the same time. You should end up standing, in the air, with your head at the location of your bars or so if you did it well.

Seat bouncing is generally (at least by me) not used on really big or fast jumps. Usually 40' or less, no more than 1/2 RPMS in 2nd gear.

You should arc smoothly and land on the downside just right if you did it good.

If your shock rebound is too fast, the bike wants to nose down ALOT, and easily. On ANY jump. If it's too slow, you can end up nose high, but generally it won't affect that much.

To start with basic rear suspention rebound, when you push the bike downwith both hands, it should return up WITH your hands at a moderate pace. You shouldn't have the seat go away from your hands, (too slow) or push your hands back up (too fast). Generally, no more than 2-3 clicks, hard or soft, from stock setting are good to start out with.

Everyone has been more than helpful, as usual. I will try out these techniques this weekend. I hope I don't end up on the "You gotta see this" or "Real TV" shows. :D :D :)


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