Sidi flex force SRS??

Has anyone tried the Sidi flex force boots yet?? I cant keep a set of soles on my boots for longer than a month so Im thinking about trying these. They have replaceable soles for $20. Other boot suggestions are appreciated as well...



I have the sidi force srs and love them.The sole is very stiff and cushions landings better than my a-star tech 6.Can change every part on the boot-all replacable.

The last pair that only lasted a month were MSR's. The 2 pair before that were Axo's. The Axo's held up better but still not great.

Yeah, sorry I missed the ride guys. I was looking forward to it, but was in between bikes at the time. I now have a 2002 ATK 250, but yeah I had a YZ 250. The ATK is a real nice bike already setup for the woods.

Thanks maui..

I went and ordered a set of Sidi boots. Hopefully Ill have them by the weekend. Ill let ya know how they hold up for me.


Hey npuzajr, you are in luck if you can wear a size 9. My friend , also a DRN member ,bhibbs, and I both bought the srs's and after only a couple of ride he is willing to sell for $175 plus shipping. The review by DRN was very accurate , and I love my storm tropper white and black srs's.


I just read your last post and see you bought already, oh well, the boots are availible!

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HAd mine for two rides so far and love them. No long term test though.

Hands down best boots around are the AlpineStar Tech 8's.

Feels like your wearing slippers. so totaly comfortable.


What boots were you wearing??



I heard you bought a 250 stroke YZ...???


Thanks for the offer and it sounds like a great deal but I wear 12's so theyd be a little tight..


A friend of mine has a pair of 8's. He agrees with you that they are very comfortable but my concern is only the center section of the boot is replaceable. The entire sole of the Sidi's is replaceable. A big plus in my book..



I've been running the Sidi's since October. Totally happy with them. Because they're hinged, they require no break in.

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