i am 5'11" and 155 and the stock suspension is nice but kinda soft. is it worth the money to get it revalved, will it feel better when revalved.

Yes it is worth revalving. Don't sent it to California. Find a GOOD local company that knows their stuff.

D Frame


I'm 5'10" and 168 pounds. I thought (and still think) that the stock suspension, especially the forks, is too dxxm harsh. You must be a better rider than me. (But, then again, who isn't?)

Seriously though, I'd had some very experienced riders ride my bike, and they also thought it was a bit harsh. Bottom line is that I'm going to get it revalved, for my weight and talent level. I think that is a good thing to do....

thats exactly what im doing their is a suspension expert at my local track his suspension is called adtrax and i think he runs off of racetech. this guy does nice work cause i have seen his bike in action he cased a 70ft triple and just rode off like it was nothing so its looks pretty good to me. i just wanted some advice from somebody with a 250f cause he rides a cr450f. but i think im gonna go ahead and get it revalved.

As you can tell from my very subtle signature line, I also have a CRF450R. I had it revalved (and changed springs) by Factory Connection when I first got it. It was a significant difference.

There's a large group of people here who believe that the first after-market dollars on a bike should be spent on suspension tuning. We can argue who should do it, but most agree that it should be done.

The first thing I do is have suspension done......then bars, pipe, chain, ignition, wheels, brakes....damn working in a shop, I spend WAY TOO much money.

I'm 5'10" 145 adn i think the suspenion is perfect. I've never had a roblem with it other than adjustin gthe clickers.

I also weigh 145lbs and find the stock suspension awesome, just played with the clickers here and there.

Just a word of advise, the term revalve may be thrown around loosely. The tuner is going to or SHOULD ask you what the bike is doing, when it does it. If they don't ask, be careful, anyone can turn clickers in or out, change oil weight and charge you for a revalve!!

The stock system is perfect up to intermidiate level(145lbs-160lbs), experiment with the clickers.The bikes I have listed below, were good but when I rode the YZ250F I was sold on the suspension alone, I still wish I could have two-stroke type power delivery. Just a thought.

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