03 250f Both fork seals gone in only three months

After riding at the practice track today I noticed that that the fork seals on both my forks were leaking. I'm a beginner and don't abuse the bike at all as far as ˆknow. Should this be happening so soon?

The bike is only three months old with maybe ten rides on it.

Usually it's dirt that makes the seals leak.

Move the wiper down (the thing that looks like the seal on the fork) to expose the seal. Clean all the dirt out. You may be able to salvage the seals by cleaning it contact cleaner and using some old camera film to clean inside the seals.

The best thing to do to make it not happen again is to put lot's of grease inside the fork wiper. This is a picture from Steve's web site showing the grease on the wiper.

I guess the image doesn't work. Here is the click link:

Steve Unruh's Fork Picture

Thanks Steve. It saved my seals. :)

When you put in new seal slip on some seal savers it will cure your problem. About them going out so soon i don't know i have never had any go south.

Be carefull not to get contact cleaner on the dust wipers, it can distort them. I usually move them down to the bottom and cover them with a rag. Intsead of film I use a thin feeler gage.

Be carefull not to get contact cleaner on the dust wipers, it can distort them. I usually move them down to the bottom and cover them with a rag. Intsead of film I use a thin feeler gauge.


however, that IS stated in the manual.

the manual actually TELLS you do put grease between the wiper and the seal.

it has worked for me for 4 seasons of hare scramble racing.


Do you use the stock Yamaha fork seals or something else?

i use the fork seals/wipers from a 01CR125.

because you get all 4 (2 of each) in a single package for like $18. cheaper than the individual price of the yamaha ones. they are the same though.

Thanks Steve, that's exactly what I ordered.

Howdy, another habit you should get in to is bleeding excess pressure from the forks after each ride. As th forks work in their travel, air pressure builds from the cartridge cycling up and down. Also, heat develops from the friction of the interior moving parts, causing the trapped air in the forks to expand. Located atop the fork caps you'll note a small slotted brass screw. Remove this screw after a ride and just listen to the hiss of pressure relieved :). I do this religiously and get 5-7 months of service from my seals....

I've got two fork seals to replace also, are you for sure the 03 seals are the same as the 02 and the honda seals will work?????

bump....anybody? SUnruh?????

i don't have an 03 to be able to answer. sorry.

if the fork tube is the same size, chances are high (very high) that it is the same seal. call up your dealer and ask for the part number of the 01,02 and 03 seals. if they are the same. then it is the same.

They are all the same, thats the good news. The dealer who doesn't have any sells them for $15 for the set (1 Oil & 1 Dust) the dealer who does have them in stock wants $22 a set. BIG differance. It really pays to shop, Its amazing to me how much some dealers jack up the cost. I guess its still way cheaper than Yamaha who wants $60 for two sets of each.

call honda. ask for the 01cr125 fork seal package. 2 oil, 2 dust for about $18. roughly half the cost of the yamahas.

I was talking about the Honda Dealers and the 01 CR125 seals. Three dealers and they all said they only come as a set of two, one seal, one dust seal. ranging from $15 to $22. You would need to buy two to do both forks. I hope they are mistaken and when i buy them all four are included....time will tell.

Another on the list that contributes to blown fork seals is tying your bike down to tight. When you do this you are putting to much constant pressure in the forks. The cure for this is a FORK SAVER you place it in between the front tire and the fender so when you strap the bike down it could only compress about 2 inches which in return saves you from blowing fork seals every three months and it keeps your bike nice and tight. They are about $14 and you could find them in your local shop or mail order supplier.

You can also install "bike boots" that only lock your front wheel down and nothing else - I've seen them in action and they seem to work really well. They need to sell these things for a pickup truck that is not permanent - has anyone seen them for a pickup truck? All of the ones that I've seen are for a permanent installation on a flatbed like a box truck or trailer. :)

I have not had any fork seal problems since I started using the film negative cleaning method. I am sure it could causde other problems by forcing dirt in, but I get great seal lif edoing this occasionally.

I assume the 03's are still running 46mm Kayaba's right?

If so, then I can use the 01 CR125 seals too!! Cool. :)

Thanks for the tip guys...

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