08 yz450 go or no go?

hey every one, my 06 yz450 was stolen as some of you allready know, Im looking into buying an 08 or possibly 09. My local dealer is letting the 08 go for 6300 out the door, Good deal or what? What does everyone think of the 08 and how much better is it than my old 06? Is the 09 worth the extra 1500 or so? anything i should know or consider would help.


You can get a 08 cheaper than that. Look on ebay that will tell you what a brand new 08 is going for. Im saying probably around $5,600.

Its your call as to if the 09 is worth the 1500 extra. Both bike are said to perform the same. The 09 does have an adjustable bar mount if that matter to yah. the Swing arm is differnt but as far as I can tell all that does is remove the ruber plug from the swingarm sides. Performance is the same. The price you were quoted is 100 dollars less than

I was quoted at my local Yamaha dealer a few days ago, 6400 otd.

you should be able to get the 08 for less than that out the door. $5600 like someone said above sounds about right. I paid $6200 last year, so it should be cheaper now. I haven't tried an 09, but if it's like others say that it performs the same as the 08, then save your money and get the 08.

For the price, the 08 seems like the way to go.If you can save even $800, thats enough money to upgrade chain, clamps,and maybe some rad guards or something

I'd get an 08 if possible; your price is pretty good.

The 08 is a fantastic bike. The 09 is just as fantastic...just a whole lot more coin for pretty much the same bike.

i sold one of my 08 450 for 4300 last week

08 RM450 NEW on the floor for 5100.00. They are the deal. 09 YZ 6599.00. Other end of the world though.

Having owned both an '06 and '08 YZ450 I can say that there is definitely an improvement with the '08. Not a huge difference but I would describe the '08as the finished product of the '06. A little tweak here and there with the suspension, geometry, jetting/needle, cams, etc. adds up to a pretty sweet bike with great handling and strong, smooth power.

Don't get me wrong, the '06 was awesome and if you can't win on the '06 it's not the bike's fault, but the '08 is just a little more dialed in.

One of the things that made me buy an '08 instead of an '09 is that all the reviews I saw on the '09 commented on how it retained the great qualities of the '08.

I picked up my 08 yesterday 6400 otd with orv tags. :thumbsup: i cant wait to go shred. Thanks for the input everyone, keep your eyes open for my stolen 06 if your in the pacific north west!

So has nobody on the forum really had a chance to compare the 08 to the 09? I mean is there any difference in handling noticed with the new swing arm etc? I would really like to know.

Search that. It's been discussed.

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