Almost hate it

When I got the 426 I thought the bike was the best thing on two wheels,,, well in 00 maybe it was. Then along came my 250F and I stopped riding the 426 because of the bulk and brutal power so the things sits. Then came along the 03 E cam in the 250F and life got even sweeter. The 13th I sent off the barrel to have some work down on it so I'm forced to ride the 426,,, I HATE THE DAMN THING It's top heavy noooooo it's just plain heavy everywhere, it's clutch sucks (still some grabbyness) it doesn't turn as well as it's little brother and the starting !!!! OHHHH Man did I ever get spoiled quick with the 03 E cam, I just hate that stock YZF ritual now. Plain and simple I don't like the 426 one bit well, The big power is fun to play with but that's it. Soon as my lil F is back together the 426 gets new plastic & graphics and it's for sale I have no use for it anymore, I almost hate to ride the bike.

Get over it...

You could be riding an '86 Husqvarna. Time moves on and things (probably) improve...

OK, just kidding... You'll appreciate the 250F even more, after your interlude with the old bitch...

Thats a good selling pitch.


I hear ya.

My 400F has was only Raced one race last year. Now I can't get rid of it. Five calls on the bike, no one has looked at it. It's CHERRY out.

BTW, the baby is getting very jelous............. Bigger brother is AWESOME to ride, no more Arm Pump, major Holeshots, just moved up to Intermeadite (OTHG) placed 3rd first Moto?

:D :D :D

2 weeks ago I raced the baby, when the big brother spit his binkie out (I forgot to tighten oil cap filler), i fell in a corner on the baby, and i took me one full lap to re-light her. (I forgot the drill :)) whats that red button next to the throttle.................. :D She's still a blast to ride.............

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