hot info on stainless steel oil filter

Hi, I have been reading TT since almost 3 years and now decided to post a message myself.I am a German enduro enthusiast (400 EXC 02) presently living and riding in Santiago de Chile.

Reliable KTM factory sources informed me that they do not recommend the stainless steel filter because of a better filtration theý clog up much faster than paper filters.

KTM builds in 2 paper filters because they do have a different filtration grade(microns)even though they look the same.

It is true that some factory riders use steel filters, but as you are well aware, they do not have to think about maintenance because the engines are overhauled after each race anyway.

Please forgive my imperfect English! :)

Most change their oil quite freqently like me, every race. If they are clogging after 80 miles, I have more to worry about than a clogged filter. :)

Your english is excellent. Thank you for this info. I never ran them because its so much quicker and less messy to just replace them. Matt

Hey man, your english is better than some americans! (ANd most TT users! :) )

I have Scotts stainless filters, and I will say that one of two things must be happening.

First off, I had not cleaned my filters OR screens in about 4 months. I had just been changing the oil every 3 rides/races (hare scrambles) or so.

I just cleaned them all, and found hardly ANYTHING in the filters or screens AT ALL.

SO, either 1) the filters don't do crap, and all the particles just float around or...

2) My bike doens't generate much debris.

I'll think #2, as the oil has always been clean, but the drain plug has always had a sludge on it.

Clogging has been not a problem at all, obviously, if after 4 months or more of no cleaning, the filters had hardly anything in them.......

I used the Scotts stainless filters for an entire season last year, and never had any problems. I rarely found any sludge or debris in them, and changed my oil-Mobil 1- every 300 kms. They saved me alot of money too, cause paper filters are expensive up here in Canada. :)

Oh no, not ss filters AND Mobil 1 in the same thread!!! Holy can-of-worms, Batman! :D :D :D:):D :D


Hey, I'm being good. So far. :)

John, yes you did good. 4 days old. But Paul did better

Stainless filters, regular oil changes, 0 problems. :)

Jeb...I'm impressed.

I agree a thread with SS and Mobil 1 could be the undoing of this board :)

I wasn't even gonna look but I couldn't resist :D

I am not sure about the SS filter. I mean I can buy more than enough paper filters to last my bikes lifetime before I can buy one of those SS jobs. They are sweet, but too messy for my lazy ass.

Paul has GOT to be turning blue by now. :)

LOL :) Now, will someone answer Broken's question. Sounds like he really needs some good advice. :D

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