Best engine modifications????

What are the best engine mods, while still keeping it at 50cc's????

Cam, Xr70 carb kit oem and an exhuast. That will get you started and ripping!

Later Atom RoTTeN

What is the best pipe?

For a 50 barrel Big Gun is my choice. Comes with a spark arrester screen that you can insert in wooded areas. If you want a review of other exhuast you can see my right up on and look under product review. Hope this helped.

Later Atom RoTTeN

Anyone done a cam?

A few places for you to look for the cam.

Crower Engineering 619 644 0775

Thanks, I appreciate the help. Want to keep it a 50cc machine but do small trickery. All info helps!!!!

find a 70 motor with a four speed manual and put a 50 cylinder and an old 50 head on it(they have bigger valves) get the head ported for $225, don't forget the high compression piston $140, the medium web cam camshaft $110, heavy duty valve springs $65, 18mm carb kit $150, big gun exhuast $240, and light flywheel kit $320 or flywheel lightning. i am also testing aluminum cylinders that dont have liners and are nikasiled i recommend the masher racing they hooked me up

a good hop up is a kitaco cam from and another good hop up is the CDI rev booster which is also available at sik50s or to just keep it simple you gotta get an air filter, either a UNI or a Kitaco, they both make a good improvement on the stock one.

Try, they have 3 cam that you can use in your stock head, HRC, Kitaco and Takegawa. Do not waste your time on the Rev box on a stock 50 motor, it will not help, unless you have done some porting to enable your motor to rev over the 8.000 RPM range. The Takegawa HYPER-COIL only adds timing after 8,000 RPM’s and eliminates the stock rev limiter in the OEM Honda CDI. The Kitaco REV-BOOSTER Start adding or adjusting the timing at 2200 RPM, as well as removing the rev limiter. Kitaco really uses a completely different torque curve and for modified motors really works better, but either coil will do little to a stock motor.

Take care……


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