450SX vs YZ426F?

I'm still on a 426F (great bike, but I REALLY have a soft spot for KTMs) . So, I've heard wonderful things about the new YZ450, Rode a CRF450 ( was great, but soft suspension, made it hard to push it and get comfortable, and I honestly longed for more mid punch), So what I'm looking for is a comparrison between what I'm riding now, and the KTM. The magazines are comparing all the 450's but that doesn't do me very much good. I know it's lighter, and the suspension actually has potential ( or the Works kit is cheep considering... 1,600 USD, and 50mm WP works forks are mounted. Anyone ridden them back to back? Anyone switch from the Blue to the Orange?

As far as what I have learned and heard, if you want more mid range "punch" probably that Yamaha HIT, the KTM won't have that. KTMs seem to have NO hit ANYWHERE, just raw torque and power.

yamahas and hondas make power from 1/2 to full RPMS, KTMs make power from 1/4-3/4. They don't hit though. Raw tractor.

Am I wrong on th 450 though?

Alrighty, here's my opinion on my '00 YZ426 compared to my 450SX. The weight difference is instantly noticeable and the KTM's weight is so low feeling, it's more like a 250 2 stroke to me. The power doesn't hit, but it comes on as soon as you crack the throttle and it doesn't have any tendency to stall like the Yamaha. It's definitely a better bike overall.

I have an '02 YZ426 and love the bike on the track. But it's just too stiff suspension wise, and too tall geared for tight woods. My buddy owns an '03 450EXC. It is much plusher for woods riding (but can still handle jumps), the power is more tractable, and the gearing is perfect. FYI, my YZ is for sale and I looking to pick up a KTM (450 or 525).

I haven't ridden a 426 but I did use to ride a fully tricked rm250 for track and still ride a drz400 for trails. I recently purchased the 450SX and it feels like my rm in terms of lightness, steering, raw off the throttle hit and suspension. But it also has low end torque like my DRZ. The first gear is really tall which is great for mx but means you have to clutch a little in the woods (new sprokets would help). In fact I am waiting to try mine in an actual race. I may actually start in first gear instead of 2nd or 3rd. the powerband makes this thing seem a sleeper. Because it doesn't have a "hit" it has seemed less powerfull than the others but I believe KTM has just managed to put it on the ground in a more controllable way. The throttle responds to exactly what you tell it to do (instantly). No guess work or waiting for the "hit" to arrive. I lined up a couple of times with some other 4's (yz crf etc..) and beat everyone to the first turn. I am not saying the KTM is faster (pro to pro it is probobly even or maybee an edge would go to the CRF) but anyone less than a full pro will be faster on the KTM. Remember a fast bike in the hands of a slow rider is still a slow bike. But if the bike makes the rider better then the combo is guaranteed to go faster.

Summary: balls by exhaust pipe and fighting for controll----yz/crf :)

faster lap times and happy rider---KTM :D


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