Glowing Header on Start???

Have a 2001 WR426 (Canadian Model) and immediately after the start the header begins to glow bright red.

I am aware that these bikes will do this but am not sure if it is normal to do so right after the start.

The bike seems to run fine and the glow dissipates on riding it.

I am wondering if this has to do with the Canadian model's exhaust which does not have a removable baffle.

Any comments appreciated.

using the choke will make it glow faster, but it should take about a minute to do so. also if you let it idle at any time during a ride it will usually glow. it also makes a great cigeratte lighter!

I would check your plug and see what color it is. It is possible that you are running very lean. My friend just got a new wr426 and his did the same thing. He done some checking and found out that he was running lean. His bike was stock and was still running lean. I have the same bike and jetting; however, his ran different.

check the plug. I had this problem with my XR400 due to a really crapped up plug.

its normal for the header to run cherry red at iddle normally, u will only notice it at night or in poor light tho.

I have noticed that too. It freaked me out when I first saw it. I have had the bike now since last summer and have ridden the heck out of it with no problems.

I talked to a service guy at the dealer. He said it's because most stock pipes are double-walled, and the wr pipe is a thin single-wall. Mine does it, but I haven't ridden it enough to tell if there is anything wrong. It didn't seem to make any difference when I took the baffle out. It keeps the mud off, though. I've been out in the muck a few times, and the only mark on my pipe is a fingerprint/skin mark from a half-drunk guy (who races two-strokes)who touched it to see if it was hot. It was.

I noticed this on my '01-WR426, just last sat. I immediately hit the kill button and called Psycho-Steve from Fontana CA. He has a'00-WR400 and said not to sweat it, because they all do it- only you normally don't notice it in day-light. I pulled my plug to take a look... it was purrrfect. Leave it to the YAMMY engineers to freak us out for no good reason.


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