How was the Wayne/OH trip?

Hey guys! How was your trip at Wayne? I see only three guys went. I also saw that Mike Carpenter stayed up a little late the night before and ended up cutting his day short. I wish I could have been there. Lets do this again before the end of the summer.

Talk to you later,



For there to be a "let's", you're going to have to show up. Goes for the rest of you out there too. It was a really good day.


Hey Sean sory you missed it it was fun despite the small group.We didn't get started til almost 10:00am but after mcarp left Mark and i rode til about 4:30pm.I'm thinking of coming up again this weekend don't know for sure yet.I'll know more by mid week.Let me know if your're interested.

Mark are you ready to go again? Possibly Sunday?Let me know.

Hey Sean,

Wish you could have made it, man. Hopefully that finger will heal up.

Yeah, I backed out after mile 39 or so. Too much beer the night before and not enough water in the morning. Turns out I didn't get back to the truck until 4 anyway (see other post). The heat had definitely taken it's toll on me.

Mark/Mark (evil)-It was indeed nice to ride with you guys. I definitely want to hook up again in a few weeks and do another tour of duty. I'll try to organize another ride at the end of the month. :)

evl2evil, keep me posted because I am interested in going this weekend. I get my stitches out Friday and should be able to go this weekend.

Sean, talked to one of my riding buds earlier and we might try to come up next Sunday.I'll know for sure later in the week. I'll keep you posted

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