ia the yz250f a very good hill climer???

i just got my 250f a couple weeks ago and i finally got to ride a nice steep hill recently and i love it. my friend had a rm125 and he would slip all over the place on the way up and mine would just cruise right up and wheelie over the top. compared to a 125 2smoke its sweet.

No, The bottom end on the four stroke motor is terrible for climbing hills............

Just kidding!!!!!!

the reason i asked that was whoyachrist was because the powerband is set up for racing.

The bike will climb any thing you have the bag to climb. great thing is the two smokes go in wiiiiing it, and this bike just goes up and climbs it.

Went riding some cliffs two weeks ago and bye the end of the day evryone wanted my bike.

Little wheel spin and all kinds of power.

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