Susp. and gearing setup for sand riding?

What changes do you guys make for riding sandy tracks? Do you adjust the suspension and gearing? I have a 02 yz250f with dr d pipe and vortex ign. Thanks JimmyK

my set up for sand tracks.

-suspension revalved

-new springs according to my weight(154), for sand

-front equal pitch 0,44

-rear equal pitch 5,2

-sag 100 mm

-set of triple clamps

-renthal twinn wall carmichael bend

-tyres pirelli MT 410 front and rear (superb)

-gearing 15/45 for long straits

-o-ring chain

-hand guards

-neoprene fork socks

-cr8evx spark plug


FIRST -- DITCH THE STOCK D739 TIRES AND GET D773's or another tire that is suited to sand.

then, three important things to know when riding in sand:

with the stock suspension...

1) stiffen it up -- crank the compression and damping clickers in, esp in front. don't be surprised if you nearly max them out. this will keep the front from "packing" and you'll be better off for it. same goes for the back -- if it's packing the back will want to come around on you, i.e. swapping. so dial in more compression and rebound damping.

2) dial in a little more sag at the back. this will lighten the front end, again keeping it from plowing. you may also want to drop the forks in the triple clamp a bit for the same reason.

3) keep your four stroke on the throttle; again, this keeps the front light and avoids the big front end dive due to engine compression braking. you will also have to change your entry into sandy corners, so adjust your balance between the front and rear brakes.

if you ride mainly in sand you may want to get revalved specifically for sand.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f


Forgive my confusion, but are you talking about keeping the front light in the corners? :) Because I have found my 250f WILL NOT corner in sand without my weight as far forward as possible, practically sitting on the gas cap, and weighting the outside peg hard! With this posture, it totally rails around for me.

What wrooster said is good. Good sand tires and stiffen up the dampening on your suspension. Changes in riding style are also in order. Riding in sand is mostly about building and preserving momentum. I interviewed Dowdy a couple years back. He is a pretty good sand rider due to spending his formative years at the local track which is Southwick.

During our conversation, we compared notes about Southwick. When I commented about not even needing a front brake in the sand, John added he backs off the throttle a little to set up for the turn, then enters the turn and pins the throttle at the same time. Rarely using the brakes at all. At a MX school I took, also at Southwick, we were told to drag the rear brake (throttle still on) on whooped downhills and whooped entries into turns to keep the rear tire on the ground.

Once up to speed the bike will plane on the sand like a boat on water. When you slow down both the boat and your tires sink back in...increasing the drag exponentially.


no, sorry if my post wasn't clear. for sandy whoops and the like you need to stay on the throttle and not let the front end dive in. you should not have to pull the front brake as hard in deep sand as it will lock the front up and you'll wash out.

jim aka the wrooster

Gotcha! Keep the momentum up or else! :)

Thanks For the info. JImmYK

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